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BBC has recently partnered with Gfinity to bring esports coverage of the “unorthodox tournament” to their online-only channel for the next week. BBC Three will start a weekly schedule of Street Fighter V on Fridays, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Saturdays, and Rocket League on Sundays starting tonight, July 28th. This isn’t the first time esports has seen the light of television. However, BBC also streamed the League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals when they were hosted in London a few years ago.

The Gfinity Elite Series, the event to be streamed, brings together the matches of Street Fighter V, CS:GO, and Rocket League to make a sort of “Esports Triathalon”. One hundred and sixty pro-gamers will participate each week under the banner of one of the eight esports teams that are represented there. Each week they’ll battle it out and in 10 weeks, the tournament will end and a franchise champion will be crowned, along with 3 different champions from each game.

Well known teams such as “Method”, “Endpoint”, and “Team EnVyUs” will all be involved, but they can’t throw their own complete professional teams in the fray. They’re forced to draft from the Gfinity Challenger Series pool of players to make up some of their team. The Challenger Series is an online-only knockout tournament where players can participate for points to attract the Elite Series teams.

“Conceptually, the series is shooting for something that’s never been done before – a pathway from pubstar to superstar. All players are contracted, some have quit their jobs, others have moved into org-owned team houses, some were Challenger contenders a matter of months ago. This is the real deal.

For a literal representation of the ambition on show here, you need only take a look at the arena itself. It’s got a player’s tunnel. How many eSports competitions have a player’s tunnel?” -BBC

The event starts tonight pitting together the best of the best from the UK, Gfinity’s Challenger Series Competitors bringing together the action, the excitement, and the overall craziness with games from the most popular genres across the esports spectrum for a $225,000 Euro prize pool.

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