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Call of Duty World League Championship sported 32 of the best teams in the Call of Duty eSports scene from across the world in a head-to-head tournament for a $800K Grand Prize! Fan favorites such as Optic Gaming, Cloud9, and EnVyUs were there to compete for the title of World Champion.

cod world league

The events of the weekend came to a close as only two teams remained. Team EnVyUs and Team Splyce, our visitors from Europe, making tonight’s Grand Finals show which region rocks the Call of Duty scene. EnVyUs had an amazing run not dropping any games at all, but everyone had their eyes on Splyce as they were eliminating the American juggernauts one by one. Once they got to finals everyone knew it was going to be a game to watch as EnVyUs was going off all tournament long and Splyce was aiming to kill a third giant.

The series starts off with a game of Hardpoint. EnVyUs takes an early lead, making the score 100-20. As we move on later in the match, Splyce got their footing and was able to tie it all up and eventually win round one.

Things went downhill for Team Splyce from here though as we switched to Search and Destroy and EnVyUs’ John played round one superbly, netting him an ace and a bomb plant during round one on attack. Giving John a fully charged “Specialist Ability” for the next round, EnVyUs steamrolled their way to victory ending things at 6-2.

The next game mode was called Uplink, where things didn’t get better for Splyce as EnVyUs took a strong lead of 8-2 in round one. Splyce tried their hardest but couldn’t quite get control of the game, leading to a 13-10 victory for EnVyUs.

Continuing the EnVyUs victory train, the last game mode was Capture the Flag.  Casters stated that EnVyUs had a clear advantage over Splyce before the match started. This proved to be true as EnVyUs wouldn’t give Splyce a break whatsoever, winning the game 4-2, and the set.

Since EnVyUs clawed their way through winners, there was no need for a second set and they claimed victory for themselves and NA. John was also named as MVP of the tournament and gained them that victory on their third visit to the World League Championship.


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