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ChallengeMe Esports, the creator of ChallengeMe.gg, announced earlier this week that they have acquired the North American-based company, Esports Hero Inc. Along with an investment measuring up to $4.9 million USD by Australian-based Esports Mogul (ESM), ESM is the exclusive partner for ChallengeMe.gg in the Asia-Pacific region. ChallengeMe.gg aims to go live on a global scale, expanding the platform from just being centralized in Europe.

“We are incredibly excited to be joining forces with Esports Mogul and Esports Hero,” said Simon Seefeldt, CEO of ChallengeMe Esports. “Combining ESM as a strategic partner and investor with the acquisition of Esports Hero, will allow ChallengeMe.GG to expand faster and more aggressively on a truly global scale.”

Since Esports Hero already has a foothold in the North America region, engaging in successful hosting of competitive events, such as one of the largest esports meet-up groups in New York City. On top of a large investment, ChallengeMe is looking for a lot of successful gamers to aid in the rapid expansion into the North American, Southeast Asian and Australian locations. Allowing gamers access to high-quality servers with a number of supported games for free.

These will also supposedly allow ChallengeMe to start hosting live esports events through their partners who also have footholds in their regions as well as their own to cater to the most amount of people in as many ways as possible.

With esports growing ever so quickly, an industry estimated to be worth $1.7 billion USD in 2017, it’s a wonderful time to expand the platform. ChallengeMe is looking to be the new leading esports platform, competing with others such as FaceIt and ESEA. The expansion has been aggressive, as the global accessibility of the ChallengeMe platform rolled out as soon as the announcement was released and is already in operation in the greater part of the world.

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