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SlemmyToday Tres “Stunna” Saranthus announced that Alec “Slemmy” White would be joining the ranks of Cloud9. Slemmy doesn’t have any international experience but he does have extensive ESEA Pro-league experience in North America, playing with teams such as Obey Alliance, Splyce & Elevate and he is considered one of North Americas better In-game Leaders.

After the recent controversial departure of Entry Fragger Ryan “Freakzoid” Abadir, Cloud9 has been looking for a replacement player. The CS:GO community has had some speculation as to what route Cloud9 would go with in terms of player selection and roles, but with recent history showing the teams play looking some what lost and disorganized with out a proper In-game Leader after the loss of Sean “sGares” Gares a few month ago, this pick up seems like the best option.

Cloud 9 LogoRecent results in international performances have been poor. Specifically placing bottom of their group during MLG Columbus and not even qualifying for Dreamhack Malmo. Though they haven’t been doing too poorly when it comes to local tournaments.

With the addition of Slemmy in the In-game Leader role, hopefully Cloud9 can pull together under some fresh leadership and strategy, and string some much needed wins to get back the hearts of the North American CS:GO community. This move also allows Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, one of Cloud9’s star players, to get back into focusing on the lurk role where he shines, rather than having to focus on strategy.


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