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Adam “crunch” Escobedo, Zach “Krypted” Harper, Soren “Krumme” Pilgaard, Dylan “mobz” Hernandez and Drew “Sweaterr” Miser.

These players will represent Cloud9 in their H1Z1: King of the Kill adventures. Brimming with excitement, these new members hope to take the competitive scene by storm. During the offseason, they will be playing daily scrimmage matches.

“Our entire roster is beyond stoked to be a part of Cloud9! For years, we’ve looked up to and respected Cloud9’s roster of professional gamers and their accomplishments across a wide range of titles. Now that we’ve made a home within the KOTK scene under the Cloud9 name, we’re looking to raise the bar and make the community proud.”— Drew “Sweaterr” Miser, Cloud9 H1Z1 KOTK Team Captain

H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1 King of the Kill is currently one of the most popular multiplayer arena shooters out there. Last year’s invitational at the San Diego TwitchCon boasted a prize pool of $267,244.

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a fast-paced shooter in which players compete in large-scale chaotic PvP spectacles of skill, wit and a little luck, where everyone must fight to the death to stand alone at the top of the podium.

The game is still in Early Access and available for $19.99.

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