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Starting today and running until May 8th, the DreamHack ZOWIE Open will feature eight teams battling for $100,000 in prize money at the Austin Convention Center, in DreamHack’s first North American tournament.

Unfortunately due to event scheduling, the tournament will not feature any European teams, but it will still be an exciting event to see, with the main question being, can the American talent match up to the Brazilian superstars, Luminosity and Tempo Storm?


Groups for the DreamHack ZOWIE Open will be as follows:


Luminosity Gaming


Tempo Storm
Team Liquid

The event is scheduled to take place over the weekend, with the group stages starting off as best of ones and then leading into the elimination matches on the second day which will be best of threes. The top two teams from each group will then push forward to the semi-finals which will be single elimination best of three format.

DreamHack ZOWIE

Schedule For the event:

All times listed in local time, CDT (CEST is +7hours)

Friday, 6th of May
2:40pm – Show start
3:00pm – Group A – Luminosity Gaming vs. Splyce – BO1
4:30pm – Group B – Tempo Storm vs. NRG – BO1
6:00pm – Group A – CLG vs. Cloud9 – BO1
7:30pm – Group B – Team Liquid vs. Selfless – BO1
9:00pm – Group A – Winners Match – BO1
10:30pm – Group B – Winners Match – BO1

Saturday, 7th of May
9:30am – Show start
10:00am – Group A – Elimination Match – BO3
1:00pm – Group B – Elimination Match – BO3
4:00pm – Group A – Decider Match – BO3
7:00pm – Group B – Decider Match – BO3

Sunday, 8th of May
9:30am – Show start
10:00am – Semi Final #1 – B1 vs. A2
12:30pm – Semi Final #2 – A1 vs. B2
3:30pm – Grand Final

You can watch the tournament LIVE from home at Dreamhack.TV

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