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In the latest patch to CS:GO there have been two changes that will effect upcoming Valve sponsored events and most likely minor leagues such as ESEA and Cevo. The map Inferno has been removed and Prime Matchmaking has been implemented.

Inferno Removal

Inferno, one of Counter-Strike’s core maps since launch, has been removed from the active map pool and replaced with the new and “improved” de_nuke.

For people who aren’t up to date with CSGO, originally de_nuke was removed a year ago from the active duty map pool and set for a re-haul due to balance issues effecting the map. Valve hasn’t come out to say anything about reworking de_inferno yet, but as history shows with other maps they’ve had balance issues with (de_train), they are probably in the process of reworking de_inferno and releasing it later this year seeing as it has been a public favorite since the dawn of Counter-Strike.




My only gripe with moving Nuke into the active duty pool is that the majority of people currently playing the new iteration of the map in match-making are complaining about the overall optimization of the map. Certain areas of the map cause major frame rate issues – specifically the outside area where people can see losses of up to 100 frames. Hopefully they can fix some of these issues before the next major in Cologne, Germany, so we can enjoy some top tier CS:GO on one of my all time favorite maps.

Prime Matchmaking

As of right now it is only in it’s experimental phase, but Valve boasts players having a better matchmaking experience by only allowing people with phone-linked steam accounts to play against each other. If done right this could be absolutely huge for CS:GO’s hacking and smurfing problems across all ranks, seeing as you can only activate prime once with a specific phone number.

Counter Strike

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