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Yesterday was the second day of Heroes of the Dorm with Round of 32. We shared with you a quick recap of Round of 64 and what to look for in this one. Now is the time to take a look at what you might have missed during yesterday’s event and what were some of the best moments.

The team that we were waiting for the most was Illinois’ Mad Banners VS UCI’s Zotboys. The Mad Banners won their first match with a close 15 takedowns vs 14. The few mistakes from Zotboys and their great teamwork lead them to victory. However, they lost on the second match. Zotboys learned from the previous game and came back with some strong elements on Infernal Shrine. That is when the situation got really tense as both teams were in the next battlefront. They both had really impressive players but Zotboys was the one to get out with the final win. They will be competing again in the Super Sixteen against Hot Dogs who had a very similar development in the round of 32.

Stats for bad manners vs zotboys , heroes of the dorm

Another impressive round was the one opposing Team Revoke and Ember Collegiate. Team Revoke was taking the first win and they were in for the second one which would’ve ended in a 2-0 round for them. Heroes of the dorm best moment 2However, Ember Collegiate won the second one with a very close move. The match was getting really tense near the end as both teams were doing very well. While both of them were close to victory, Ember Collegiate decided to give it all by escorting mercenaries to the core. They all took a huge amount of damage from the towers but the two last hits that they needed made their way to the target. They then succeeded at wining the last match.This means that Ember Collegiate will be back and this time they will fight against Dark Blaze who won 2-0 in this round.Heroes of the dorm round of 32 best moments

We have seen some very interesting picks in Round of 32, some were really unexpected. 8th street West surprised everyone by picking Murky in their second match against Banana Cabana. This is a hero that if played well, can do tons of damage and really help your team push through the enemy’s keep. He has a low death time if his egg is still on the map and it can become very annoying for the opposing team. However, it wasn’t what they needed in the end and they lost both of their matches. Abathur also made his way in some of the matches by various teams with different results. He was most often banned in cursed hollow since this is a very big map, allowing him to have a lot of opportunities to push. Illidan was also seen in matches with Reghar and Abathur at his side. However, it seemed like it wasn’t going very well for him and we did not see him come back.

Some of the most picked heroes so far have been Falstad, Muradin, Kharazim, ETC and Thrall. Falstad and Thrall have a big potential with their heroic abilities to contest objectives and turn a teamfight upside down. While E.T.C and Muradin are strong warriors with a lot of HP and they can easily jump into the middle of a team fight to get a better focus on targets like Lt. Morales or Reghar. Kharazim has been seen a lot as main support or in a double support composition with Tyrande. He is a great offensive healer and you have the opportunity to choose his trait at level one. This allows him the chance to pick something that will benefits to his teammates the most. Valla was also often picked by teams but even with her recent changes in the previous patch, most of them went for a multishot build. It was rather unexpected to see but it doesn’t seem like the changes affected her that much when combined with great heroes who complete each other!

Murky abilities from heroes of the storm

If you didn’t get a chance to watch these matches you can find all the replays on TESPA! You will have to download them and watch them through Heroes of the Storm’s Replay. Here is a list of the matches for the Round of 16 that will happen on March 26 at 6AM PDT / 9AM EDT. The round will start earlier than the last two others since they will be covering all of the 8 matches. Again, you will be able to watch a live broadcast on twitch, ESPN and YouTube.

Make sure to keep an eye on your bracket to get your chance to win epic loot! Don’t be shy to share your results with us!

  • Hotdogs VS Zotboys.
  • We Volin VS Bob Ross Fight Club
  • Tricky Turtles VS Third String
  • Ambush VS Droo’s dudez
  • Dark Blaze VS Ember Collegiate
  • Real Dream Team VS Team Dayun
  • Pool Plato ST VS the Button Mashers
  • Qbuildbrightwing VS Banana Cabana


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