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Today was the third day for the Heroes of the Dorm and we are excited to share the news! There were many interesting matches — the most surprising ended with an unexpected score of 2 – 0. The winners of this round will be back tomorrow and are one step closer to the Heroic Four on April 9-10. Before we get in the details of the teams that will be in the Epic Eight, let’s take a look at the results of today’s Super Sixteen.

Group A
First, we had Hot Dogs versus Zotboys who took part in two matches. hot dogs ishinyThose teams had very similar stats such as the same average number of kills at 15 and a very close average game time of around 18:48 minutes. It was Hot Dogs who won both of those matches making it a 2 – 0 round for the team. They will be in tomorrow’s Epic Eight so let’s take a closer look at who they are. They represent the University of Washington and they were brought together as a team by Washington Esports. Their best battleground is Infernal Shrines with 4 wins and no losses so far! Their top picks are Graymane for Ishiny and Muradin for Oshogun.Hotdogs VS zotboys
Second in this group we had We Volin against Bob Ross Fight Club. Tennesse’s We Volin won this round in a score of 2 – 1.  They had better average game kills, death and time than Bob Ross Fight Club. However, their foes did not go easy on them and it was an entertaining and tense match to watch! We Volin will be playing against Hot Dogs tomorrow and it promises to be interesting. Their best battleground is also Infernal Shrines with 2 wins and 0 losses. It will be great to see those two great teams fight on their favorite map. Also, unlike Hot Dogs, the players from We Volin are a little bit more versatile in their choice of roles and heroes with Frumgor and Gutslug. Their most picked heroes so far were E.T.C , Li-Ming and Kharazim. They have a rather offensive play style and they look very promising.we volin

Group B
yuuj dark blazeThe first two opposing teams for this group were Dark Blaze and Ember Collegiate. Since Dark Blaze had better stats overall than their opponents, we expected them to win this round again, which is what they delivered with a score of 2 – 0. This team has great chances of making it to the Heroic Four and players are excited for their match tomorrow as they did not loose any matches yet! They represent the University of Texas and when asked about what made their team the best they answered:
”We play together as a cohesive unit. Our game knowledge outshines individual mechanical play. Our history playing on team Blaze also differentiates us from other teams.”
They are great players and they are also very confident about their play style. Yuuj is their main healer and he is amazing at it, while the other players from the team can surprise us by changing roles to adapt to their opponents. Their best battleground is Battlefield of Eternity with 3 wins and 0 losses. Mist‘s best pick is Zagara and we hope to see him get the chance to play her tomorrow!
dark blaze vs carleton
KingPlato - Pool Plato STThe second teams to fight each other were Pool Plato ST versus The Button Mashers. Pool Plato ST won at 2 against 0 again this round. It did not surprise us when we saw their average game time of 14:24 against The Button Masher‘s 20 minutes. They will be against Dark Blaze tomorrow and you don’t want to miss this match! They are from Boston College and they already made it to the Final Four during last year’s Heroes of the Dorm. Some of their best picks are Tassadar, Illidan and Reghar which we hope to see again. Their best map is Sky Temple with 3 wins and 0 losses. They are a very promising team too with great chances of making it to the heroic four again this year!

Group C

First round in this group was with Tricky Turtles against Third String. The UCONN’s Tricky Turtles won again with a score of 2-0. Just like Dark Blaze, they have not lost a single match since the round of 64! Four of the five members already made it to the round of 8 last year and they are back. They claim that what makes them the best team is because they are here for revenge. Will they get it? We will see that tomorrow during the Epic Eight! Their best map is Battlefield of Eternity and their best pick hero is Muradin. They only have an average number of deaths of 4 while their average number of kills is 17. This is another match that we don’t want to miss!tricky turtles
The second round was opposing the Golden Mishas to Droo’s Dudez. The Mishas won this round with a score of 2-0 but Droo’s Dudez did not let them win that easy! They will be against the Tricky Turtles tomorrow and it should be a very interesting match since they also did not lose since the round of 64. Golden Mishas CapitainSo one of those teams will not only loose it’s first match of the Heroes of the Dorm but might also loose it’s chance to go further in the competition. The Golden Mishas‘ best battleground is Garden of Terror with 2 wins and 0 losses. Taeyon is the team captain and Overwatcher is another natural leader of the team. They really follow his call and since he gets to play warrior with Muradin a lot, he can easily jump in and his team will support him. Their other best picks are Uther, Li-ming and Zagara. They can play really offensive with those heroes and they are confident about it. They say that they really learn from their mistakes and that is what makes them a strong team. Will it be enough to beat their opponent in the next round? Let us know what you think!
Golden Mishas

Group D
Next, we had Real Dream Team against Team Dayun. In this group, Real Dream Team is the remaining team with no match losses since the round of 64 and they are still holding their crown. They defeated Team Dayun in a 2-0 earlier today and they will be back tomorrow. They have the shortest average game time of the Epic Eight with 15:46. Their best battleground is Sky Temple and their best picks are Johanna, Falstad, Brightwing,Li-ming and Abathur. When they were asked which of them was the best player, three of the players saw themselves as the best of the team. We can say that they are confident players and they are ready for the next round!
Real Dream Team
Finally we had Qbuildbrightwing against Banana Cabana. The round ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of Qbuildbrightwing. This means that they will be against Real Dream Team tomorrow. They practice a lot together and their best battleground is Blackheart’s Bay. Their top heroes pick are Diablo, Reghar, Valla, Graymane, Jaina and Zagara. It will be interesting to see how they battle tomorrow during the Epic Eight. While they have a longer average game time, they do have a similar ratio of kills and death when compared to Real Dream Team. Both teams have 10 kills more than their average number of deaths. It should be entertaining to see how Qbuildbrightwing will stand against their foe!Qbuildbrightwing
heroes of the dorm scheduleIf you missed the event you can always download some replays on www.HeroesoftheDorm.com or with TeSPA or you can also watch them on twitch in the past broadcasts of Heroes of the Storm. Make sure to keep an eye on your bracket to get a chance of winning Azmodunk if you make it in the top 500 players! Tomorrow’s Epic Eight will start at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET and it will be live on Twitch, YouTube and WatchESPN! Share your results with us and tell us who you think will make it to the Heroic Four.
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