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The Heroes of the Dorm Epic Eight happened live on Sunday and in case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the event! The teams who one in this round will be in the Heroic Four where only two teams will come out to battle for the grand prize!
Dark Blaze Last Win

The first game we had the chance to see yesterday was Tricky Turtles against Golden Mishas on Dragon Shire. UCONN’s Turtles won this match even with E.T.C and Reghar being banned by Golden Mishas. The Turtles opted for a double Tank style and they are the team to use this method the most in Heroes of the Dorm. So far it has worked for them and it brings them victory once again. They also won their second game and they were the first team to make it to the Heroic Four this year!  They are really happy and for those who didn’t remember they were disqualified last year – not due to any cheat or bad conduit, but RPSD, who was a playing in UCONN last year, had some family issues that caused them to drop out. After the Turtles’ matches, they announced that he would be an honorary member of UCONN this year and would fly to the Final Four. Also if the team wins the tournament he will be getting a 10,000$ scholarship to support him pursuing his education. So far, UCONN has been undefeated in any of their matches since the Round of 64 and it will be interesting to see how they handle the Heroic Four.

There was more shouting in that last game but it was good! – Batosiz, Tricky Turtles

Tricky Turtles interview with Batosiz

The next match wasWe Volin versusHot Dogs. WV won their first match but in the second one they choose a double tank / double support team with Muradin, Johanna, Reghar and Tassadar and they lost this one. It was 1 – 1 and the last match on Battlefield of Eternity was the most tense one as it would be the last game in Heroes of the Dorm for one of those two teams. WV came back in strength with more damage on their team and won against HDs! They said to feel really confident with their bans in this battleground because they had all the interrupts for Falstad. They really nailed their rotations and did a great job overall.

We Volin interview with Gutslug
The following match was with Dark Blaze versus Pool Plato ST. In the first game, PP ST took the victory away from DB and it was the first loss since round of 64 for this team. DB definitely took a hit and came back in the second match with very strong will to win. They won both of the following match and they will be the third team to make it to the Heroic Four! They won their last match and it was extremely close. Pool Plato ST had took all of them down from their core but the catapults were enough to end it. They will be battling against WV which was a very interesting match!

Our TeamSpeak was going off after the game, we are pretty excited – Yuuj, Dark Blaze

Dark Blaze YUUJ

Finally we had Qbuildbrightwing against Real Dream Team. During the first game, QBB opted for a double warrior strategy with Diablo and Sonya, while RDT went double support with Brightwing and Tassadar. RDT also added Illidan at the end of the hero selection and with those two supports, the game really looked promising. It worked really well for them and they took game number one. They also won the second one making it a score of 2 – 0 in their favor. RDT  has not lost a single match since the Round of 64 and many players think that they will be the winners of the tournament this year.

This has been our goal the whole time, we’re starting to achieve it, we’re going to win the finals! – Michaeludall, RDT

Real Dream Team interview

The Heroic Four will be on April 9 starting at 5PM PDT/ 8PD EDT and the Grand Finals will be on April 10 at the same hours. Players that are not able to attend to the live event in Seattle will get the chance to watch it live again and it will be aired on YouTube. The admission will be free but for priority access to the venue, a Heroes of the Storm Skin Code and a voucher for a t-shirt, make sure to buy your tickets. For all the details about the next event, teams and about the bracket, make sure to take a look at Heroes of The Dorm .

Heroic Four Bracket



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