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Delware North a global leader in hospitality and food service has recently announced that they will be forming a strategic alliance with Splyce. Terms have not been announced yet but we are ecstatic to see how this partnership will benefit both companies.

If you have not heard of Splyce, they’re a gaming organization that spans over several major titles: Hearthstone, League of Legends, Counterstike and other games. Their last major accolade was winning back-to-back consecutive wins at BlizzCon, for World of Warcraft Arena Championship.

Delaware North which owns and operates TD garden, proudly offers and serves the Boston Bruins. This alliance will be another major sports league contributing to a major esports organization.

Delaware North prides itself on being a forward-thinking and innovative company. From our work with The Future of Sports to our exciting partnership with Splyce, we are committed to leading the way in ‘what’s next’ across our industry,” said Delaware North Co-CEO Jerry Jacobs Jr. “We look forward to working with Marty Strenczewilk and his team.

We are excited to see how this partnership will help Splyce in future competitions and training. This announcement is another notch to add to the overall popularity of esports, we hope to see other major organizations like this participate in esports.

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