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A Sudden Announcement

The “Arcana” nominees have a winner!

On August 8 at The International 7 event for Dota 2, they announced the final “Arcana” results from the Arcana cosmetic vote.

The Arcana vote is a bracket of all the game’s heroes where Compendium owners vote each round for the hero they want most to receive a new, unique cosmetic. This cosmetic grants various visual changes to not only the hero model – they also get ability animations and particle effects as well!

This year was the closest year yet.

The Heroes

The beefy Pudge is a strength hero. His signature hook ability allows him to throw out a skill-shot projectile. This will drag the first unit it hits back to Pudge.  This hero is simultaneously loved and hated among the Dota community.

He is a favorite for pub players/trolls and the bane for those on the receiving end of a hook. However, Pudge is a flexible hero with various playstyles.

He is a respectable pick for any Dota 2 player with experience.

Rubick is an intelligence-support hero who, if played well, can be terrifyingly effective.  His ultimate allows him to copy the active spells of enemies, by replicating the last spell an enemy has cast.

In the hands of a skilled player, he’s one of the few true supports who can dominate a game.

The Final Results

With a whopping 57,585,883 votes in just the last round of voting between these two heroes, this was such a tight contest!

Coming in very close to 50/50, you have to go down to the third decimal place to see the difference. With a mere difference of 0.016 percent and a lead of only 8,711 votes, the pub-terror Pudge came out the victor in this close race.

Despite the victory, the results upset a large part of the Dota 2 community. Not for love of Rubick, it seems, but out of a burning hatred for Pudge.  

Some players on the forum predict terrible matchmaking once the Arcana becomes available. Others express a desire for a hero with fewer skins – namely one who can’t be used to troll one’s own teammates – to receive an Arcana cosmetic.  

Last year, despite not being nearly as close as this year, the vote was close enough that Valve eventually released Arcana cosmetics for BOTH heroes that received votes. However, knowing Valve, the community probably shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Dota 2 images belong to Valve.

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