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EGEvil Geniuses (EG) versus EHOME blew away the crowd during their first match against each other in Dota 2’s The International 2016 (TI6) main event. In the esport’s biggest event of the year, EG and EHOME both went into the game firing on all pistons until the end. Both teams are TI regulars, with EG being the 2015 champions, so the crowds backing each team proved numerous and enthusiastic.

The end of the game resulted in a roar from the audience that drowned out the announcers and had everyone talking. Usually, pro Dota 2 matches average 20 to 40 minutes. But sometimes, games go beyond the 60-minute mark.

When this happens, the crowd usually starts to get bored and antsy for a finish. This stems from games of this nature involving two teams playing passively, only making a move when they are sure that they have a distinct advantage. However, with the aggEHOMEressive nature of EG and EHOME, the teams were neck-and-neck for an impressive 75 minutes. The crowd remained on the edge of their seats the entire time.

During normal matches, a player or two on each team will be filled up with top-tier items. But this game ended up with nearly every player boasting full inventories. Being all set for gear, each player had saved up enough gold to pay for an instant respawn, which is vital in turning around a bad situation. All of this built up for an exciting set of circumstances, setting up one of the most amazing Dota 2 games of the year.

Near the end of the match, each team had been going back and forth, with no clear advantage for either. EHOME relentlessly hammered on EG’s base with various push attempts, but they retreated each time their players died off. One last push from EHOME toppled down the remainder of EG’s defenses, leaving their base exposed and multiplying the health and damage of EHOME’s creep army.

But in a Hail Mary push, EG managed to kill all but one enemy hero as they pressured EHOME’s base. The sole survivor for EHOME tried to sneak around back and take down the EG base while they were out. Nonetheless, a quick retreat to base finished off all of EHOME’s heroes. Now with no enemies standing in their way, EG took their final push for the EHOME Ancient. Despite all odds against them in the final few minutes, EG pushed their way to the end and brought down the EHOME Ancient, securing victory and keeping them in the winner’s bracket.

Be sure to tune in for the Dota 2 finals for Saturday, August 13. With roughly $9 million on the line for first place, competition will be fierce.

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