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The League of Legends professional team, Team Solo Mid (TSM) recently announced they are in need of a new ADC player for their team. Their previous ADC, Doublelift (Yiliang Peng), will be taking a hiatus from the professional league of legends scene.

TSM released an announcement video where Doublelift expresses his need to a break from pro league to recharge.

“I will be taking a break. For a spring split, then I do plan to come back for summer. I will do my best to come back for summer.” – Doublelift

tsmdTSM Doublelift signing his autograph for a fan.

“It has been a huge privilege to play professionally with so much support from my fans and teammates. I’m tremendously grateful for the fans who follow me and cheer me on through this wild ride.” – Doublelift

TSM took NA LCS this year and Doublelift goes on to describe how being a member of TSM has been one of the best things of his life so far. He does feel guilty for taking a break due to not playing at his peak during worlds. He believes that this break will allow him to refresh and recharge for the summer.

tsmd1 Doublelift running with the NA LCS trophy. 

Yiliang describes how the break will allow him to work on streaming and being a content creator, which is something he has been wanting to do. Also by having more time on his hands he will be able to work on things in his personal life. From having quality time with friends to just doing the things he would like to do.

Team Solo Mid in need of a new ADC

Team Solo Mid is looking for ADC applicants that are Challenger ranked in League of Legends. Due to their need of a new ADC, team TSM will not be competing at IEM Oakland. They are focusing on finding a replacement player before entering in any competitions.

Anyone who is interested will be auditioning for a permanent position. If Doublelift decides he would like to return to TSM as their ADC, he will need to compete for the position. Tryouts for the ADC position will be held this month.

“In the event that he decides to come back, we would require him to compete for his old position. At the end of the day, we don’t recruit based on popularity, what’s important to TSM is for us to take the best person for the position and win.” – Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh

TSM will announce their new roster during the 2017 Spring Split.

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