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DreamHack proudly announces its partnership with Twitch and Psyonix to bring two major Rocket League tournaments. We have the scoop right here on EloTalk so keep reading!

DreamHack and Rocket League

From June 17-18th Dreamhack is holding its Summer open tournament for Rocket League. Those that want to prove their skills in the rocket-powered game can do so in an open and live competition. Summers’ competition and Atlanta’s will be broadcast on Twitch. Since Rocket League has become an extremely popular esport over the last couple of years, the rewards are beginning to seep into major tournaments with awesome prize pools.

Sign ups for these tournaments will begin soon and all matches will be on PC and 3v3 matches. As expected, they will provide the computers, stage, and the epic hype train. So just make sure to bring any peripherals required for playing and your A-game for when you step into the ring otherwise, prepare to face the consequences.

Tournament Details

DreamHack Summer, Elmia Convention Center June 17-18th, 2017

Open Signups – 32 teams. Prize Pool of $50,000.

Stream Link: http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackrocketleague

DreamHack Atlanta, Georgia World Congress Center July 21-23rd, 2017

Open Signups – 32 teams.  Prize Pool of $50,000.

Stream Link: http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackrocketleague

With Psyonix and Twitch partnering to present fantastic Rocket League tournaments is great for the scene, players will be able to prove their mettle in the game. Otherwise, they’ll get rekt. And while the full rules haven’t been announced yet, updates can be found on Twitter, Atlanta DreamHack Site, and Summer DreamHack site.

Since sign ups aren’t yet opened, it’s crucial to pay attention to all the socials for details when they are announced. DreamHack has been known to put on a great show and the venues are always spacious. Experience it while you can!
There’s only one question remaining. Are you going to step into the ring?

Until next time.

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