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After a recent Twitlonger post, Enemy (NME) has announced that they have disbanded their brand due to financial issues. The popular brand sporting various teams for League of Legends, Smite, Gears of War, and more. The news is bittersweet, yet this isn’t the bankruptcy-driving disbanding that a lot of the newer or more inexperienced organizations tend to be a victim of. The “sweet” part of this situation is that NME is transferring almost everyone over to a new organization, eUnited, who have been on the rise over the past year while simultaneously providing the capital for NME’s teams to thrive.

“…the biggest boon to our advancement is easily eUnited’s owners, Adam and Jamie, who’ve come about as close to our ideal mold for an esports investor as it gets — well-grounded, committed long-term, and most of all, engaged in the competition.” -Robert “Chachi” Stemmler, COO of Enemy

Although the Enemy brand and their Minion mascot have been hung up, it’s not the end for their players, as they will continue to compete under the eUnited brand. It’s worth it, however, to look back at the path of NME and see what got them here today from their humble beginnings.

NME’s 2015 League of Legends Roster

Starting four years ago, the young entrepreneurs, Dan “Clerkie” Clerke and Robert “Chachi” Stemmler created Enemy Esports out of their dorm rooms with a point to prove. Being able to win on a budget, which they have been successful at times. Early in their creation, started with their League Of Legends team. NME fought their way through the Challenger Series, lighting up the scene and were able to qualify for a spot in the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split. They, unfortunately, fizzled out and barely avoided auto-relegation only to lose 3-0 to Team Coast and were sent back to the Challenger Series for 2016 where they did eventually disbanded their league team.

Their Smite team also faced a similar journey, receiving 5th in the Smite Pro League but still qualifying for the new Super Regional format. It is then they made noise with a line of upsets, beating Team SoloMid and Team EnVyUs. They went on to place 2nd in the 2015 NA Smite Super Regionals and going on to the Smite World Championship where they continued their path of triumph. The same roster went on to upset teams such as FNATIC and Paradigm to slide into the finals of the 2016 Smite World Championship to claim 2nd place, where they fell to Epsilon Esports.

NME’s 2016 Smite Roster

Just remember, it is not the end for these players. Expect the underdog stories to continue while we watch the careers of these players continue to grow and prosper under their new eUnited brand where they hope to continue to still have the everlasting support they had while they flew under the flag of the “Minion” and Enemy.


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