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Can you handle the drop in Rocket League‘s new free mode releasing March 22? Enter the electric ring in Dropshot to obtain glory over your enemies! We’ll dive into the details here.

Introducing Dropshot

Psyonix is on fire with their infusion of new modes, cars, shiny crates and cash flow to the esports scene.

They just announced the introduction of an action-packed, free arena along with a new sexy-looking car called the “Endo” – very reminiscent of a Lamborghini vehicle. This sleek import car is a limited drop from the Turbo crates and is definitely on the list to get! (Who do we have to bribe for this? Seriously.)

Yes, that’s right! A new crate makes its way into the ring for spectacular new items. You can show your flair with the new car, animated decals, exotic wheels, Black Market customizations and other fabulous items.

That’s not all! Experience new painted boosts, finishes, achievements, trophies and, of course, the Dropshot arena itself.

Here’s the trailer:

Season 4 Begins!

Along with the new arena and items comes a new season of Rocket League. Players receive wheels according to the highest ranking achieved across all tiers completed. See the Champion Wheels below!

Because of Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is in full swing, and Psyonix’s dedication to the esports scene, expect more improvements like spectator camera functionality. Observers will now see the boost meters and Rumble power-ups in spectator mode! Also, on the main page for RLCS is a new “Live Now” button to take players straight to the action!

RLCS is in full swing with some surprising upsets! Check out the brackets for NA here and EU here!

Also, let’s admire the new limited drop ‘Endo’ as well as these shiny new features launching March 22!


Psyonix has upped their game to provide the best content for the community with more items, customizations and financial infusion into the esports scene. Blake “CloudFuel” Tull – Twitch Partner, Rocket League Central founder and esports enthusiast – wrote their objectives in a Reddit post titled Rocket League Esports in 2017. Make sure to check that out!

Things can only go up from here as we launch into Season 4 and right into the Dropshot. Remember the launch day is March 22, so prepare yourselves. In the meantime, join EloTalk staff in Discord to discuss the new content.

Are you feeling the hype?

Until next time.

Rocket League pictures and content belong to Psyonix.

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