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ESL (Electronic Sports League) has announced that they will be hosting the first international Overwatch competition at Gamescom 2016, which will have a $100,000 prize pool.

There have already been a number of Overwatch competitions throughout the game’s beta and since launch (GosuGamers weekly tournaments, Esports Arena “Agents Rising”, OGN, and others) but there has yet to be a multi-national representation in any of these tournaments. With the integration of international players, Overwatch reaches new heights in the esports scene.

In ESL’s unnamed Overwatch competition, there will be eight teams and the qualifiers will begin on June 27, which will be hosted on ESL Play. There will then be regionals and a final online qualifier.

Familiar ESL casters have been announced for the tournament: Jason Kaplan, Mitch Leslie, and Leigh Smith. We would have loved to see some new faces introduced into the competitive Overwatch casting scene given that the community has been growing for over six months.

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