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Like any booming and relatively new industry, esports faces challenges alongside its exponential growth and potential. The majority of professional gamers are extremely young (from the late teens to mid 20s, generally) and spend most of their time glued to a computer screen to become an expert in their game. However, they are also making huge life choices in regards to business, personal life, contracts, and more. At such a young (and sometimes naive) age, these individuals may lack the required support and knowledge to make the best decisions when confronted with them.

Stephen Ellis, also known as Snoopeh to League of Legends fans, has launched the Esports Player Resource Center in response to the growing need for knowledge and career resources.

Esports PRC is not sponsored by or affiliated with any company, team, or game publisher. There’s no business plan, no commission, and no fundraising campaign. It’s also not a player’s union. Our goal is simply to establish a one-stop shop for players to have access to basic, but crucial career resources.

Team Liquid at the NA LCS Finals 2015

Photo by Damian Estrada

The Esports Player Resource Center is currently looking for multiple volunteers to help launch their initiative. I encourage esports fans and professionals to get involved and help make esports a better place.


Photos are by Damian Estrada and quotes taken from Medium.


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