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Managers of EVO 2017 just released eight of the entries that will make an appearance. The list includes some newcomers along with mainstays that have seen success at EVOs past. Here is your inside look at the games that made the cut.

Tournament Games

Street Fighter V takes the main stage on Sunday night for a second year in a row. The finals last year managed to pull in more than 200,000 viewers, so it is safe to say they earned the spot this year as well. With new characters announced as DLC, it will be interesting to see the differences between this year’s tournament and the last. Expect this to be another bright spot for the acclaimed Street Fighter series.


Guilty Gear Xrd Revalator, another mainstay, claims a spot at EVO 2017. With just over 130,000 viewers on Twitch last year, Guilty Gear retains its spot for 2017. However, the finals this year take place on Saturday, instead of the lavish Sunday spot. This left some people disappointed, but it surely won’t hinder the hype behind the Guilty Gear finals.


Taking the third spot is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. After many complaints last year about the time slot the game was given, Mr. Wizard and the EVO managers decided that it was time to let the Wii U community have a chance on the main stage Sunday. Hopefully this improves viewership that was hindered by an early Saturday slot last year.


The fourth game announced was Super Smash Bros. Melee. In a controversial decision by the staff, Mr. Wizard and company decided not to have two Smash games at the Sunday finals. Melee instead moves to the Saturday spot, and will probably round out the night. It remains to be seen if this will hurt Melee viewership or not, but many top players seem to be taking it rather well.

Injustice 2 makes an appearance as the fifth game announced. The sequel to the popular DC Comics fighting game, many people are excited to see the game make its debut. Replacing Mortal Kombat X, another NetherRealm game, Injustice 2 takes another Saturday spot at EVO 2017.
Another newcomer, BlazBlue Central Fiction, snags the sixth spot at EVO 2017 and also claims the third spot on the main stage Sunday. A lot of hype surrounds this game, and many people leaped in their seats when it was announced that BlazeBlue made the cut for Sunday. It will be interesting to see how people react to it.

The highly anticipated Tekken 7 takes the seventh spot at EVO 2017. With all of the hype surrounding this game, giving it a Sunday spot was a no-brainer. The seventh entry into the Tekken franchise hopes to garner the same success that the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter achieve yearly. There’s no question that people have high hopes for the future of Tekken at EVO.

The last game announced for EVO turned out to be King of Fighters XIV. Many people begged for the game to be at EVO last year as a main event and didn’t get their wish. It’s safe to safe the news of the game making it this year definitely elated fans of the series. The game gets the last Saturday spot at EVO 2017.

One last bit of news was announced for EVO 2017. The ninth game entry into EVO 2017 will be a fan-voted game. Currently, Pokken Tournament leads in voting. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 follows closely in second place. Voting takes place through the donation site Generosity and is open for two weeks. Click here to donate and vote now.


What games are you excited to see at EVO 2017?


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