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The all-in-one gameplay clipping and sharing tool, Forge, and the TBS-born ELEAGUE will be teaming up for its second season of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments on the TBS TV network.

CS:GO players will get their chance to get their clutch plays or crazy aces and other highlights by using the Forge App to capture and share said moments.

To be eligible to get your clip aired live on ELEAGUE, you have to download the Forge App. Launch it first and then open CS:GO. Forge will then automatically start recording your gameplay so you don’t have to worry about managing it and just focus on your game. After you close the game, you can start clipping your favorite moments and best highlights.

Share them to your Forge account and your connected Twitter account with the hashtag, #ELEAGUEForge and you just might get your play on air.

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