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Amsterdam, NL is the announced location for the Grand Finals of Season 2 for the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). It’s sure to be exciting as only the top 8 teams will compete for the championship spot between the North American and European regions.


The prize pool for the finals is a spectacular $250,000 to be the awarded treasure for the best team. Theatre Amsterdam will hold the conclusion of this seasons blood, sweat, and whiffs, as it will be the first European tournament for RLCS. Who will claim the trophy in time for the holidays? Only time will tell but be sure the follow @RLCS on Twitter for more details about it.


The Teams

So far there are 16 teams that are in the running to proceed to the next level. Keep in mind that only four from each region will make it to the Grand Finals on December 3rd and 4th.

For North America, the teams hoping for victory are:

    • Exodus
    • Genesis
    • Kings of Urban
    • Revival
    • Take 3
    • VindicatorGG
    • Deception
    • G2 Esports


And the European the teams scoring their way to the top are:

    • Flipsid3 Tactics
    • Mockit Aces
    • Northern Gaming
    • Precision Z
    • Red Eye
    • Reunited
    • OhMyDog
    • Summit


The Qualifying Brackets

To determine which teams are continuing to the next round, week three of the qualifying bracket will be played on October 15th for NA teams and October 16th for EU teams. Week four will occur on October 22nd for NA and October 23rd for EU. The prize pool at this current stage is $28,000. Inevitably it means the playoffs will be played at the beginning of November so keep your eyes peeled on the ball peeps!

Good luck to all the teams and enjoy Amsterdam, a rather nice city in the Netherlands.

Any additional info on the progression to the finals can be found on the website.

Until next time!


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