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Day 1 of Heroes of The Dorm Round of 64 had some exciting results! The top 64 teams from the online qualifiers started their run in the single elimination bracket and they did not disappoint us. The excitement was there as many players cheered for their favorite teams via the live broadcasts from Twitch, YouTube and ESPN. Here is a quick recap of the day’s results for those who missed the chance of watching it live.

The round against Mad Banners and Tribal Toucans was the one to break the ice. Mad Banners were under the radar of many fans in the bracket as the team that was undefeated during the qualifiers. They won their first match on Sky Temple with 17 takedowns to 2. The Toucans then got their revenge in a close match on Tomb of the Spider Queen. However, the team to win the third and last game was Mad Banners with another impressive score on Infernal Shrines. This team will be fighting in the round of 32 tomorrow against ZOTBOYS who won 2-1 versus Falling Bricks.

Bad Manners VS Tribal Toucans in Heroes of the Dorm

Mad Banners VS Tribal Toucan’s first match on Sky Temple

 The second round opposing 8th Street West and Grease Trucks ended with 8th Street winning with a crushing 2:0. They won both of the first matches, against their opponents leaving them with no chances to access the next round. 8th Street West will be facing Banana Cabana tomorrow.

Crab Legs VS Mighty Churros

A little 5 seconds face off that made us all giggles during the match between Crab Legs and Mighty Churros.

This round was followed by the one between Mighty Churros and Crab Legs. The first match was won by Crab Legs who made great plays on Sky Temple. However, they lost the two other matches. Mighty Churros had a great E.T.C and Tyrande combo that was really efficient against Crab Leg’s team. Mighty Churros will be making their way up to the next round versus team Tricky Turtles. Finally, we saw QBuildBrightwing get victory over Havoc with two wins against zero. They will be fighting tomorrow against team Varsity Blues from Toronto.  Both of those teams have similar stats and this will be another interesting match to watch.

the Mighty churros during heroes of the dorm

Mighty Churros were really taking advantage of the map objectives and it led them to victory!

We had our fair share of surprises throughout the matches. One of those was from team Illidan and Friends. According to TESPA and Heroes of the Dorm, only 21% of the players voted for this team to win against Maize Owl. They won their first match on Sky Temple with 13 takedowns against 2. They lost the second one but fought back and won the third one with having less takedowns again at 25 against 14.

Bracket challenge results for heroes of the dorm

Here are the matches that we will be waiting for tomorrow, but remember to take a look at your bracket to see the results of who made it to the Round of 32! If you didn’t get the chance to watch the matches you can also download the replays at TESPA and see more details!

  • Real Dream Team VS Rouge et Or
  • ZOTBOYS VS Mad Banners
  • Tricky Turtles VS Mighty Churros
  • Dark Blaze VS Kyles Kimchi
  • Varsity Blues VS QBuildBrightwing
  • Bob Ross Fight Club VS Kairo

Be sure to watch the live broadcasts tomorrow for the round of 32 either on Twitch, Youtube or watch ESNP starting at 7AM PST/ 10AM EST. You can also go to the live event on April 9 and 10 in Seattle, WA. Admissions will be free but you can purchase tickets for priority access to the venue, a skin code and a voucher for a Heroes of the Dorm 2016 t-shirt. All attendees will also receive an Azmodunk bundle, Hearthstone card back, a portraits and some lucky ones will leave with a mystery mini! We will be watching it closely and come back to you with more updates!
Feel free to share your bracket challenge results and comments on the event with us!

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