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Shortly after Huni’s departure… Immortals welcomed Ho-jong “Flame” Lee as their new top-laner. Flame, the South Korean superstar, has faced many challenges like being benched on prior teams but Flame has done exceptionally well on Azubu Blaze and Longzhu Gaming. Immortals agrees too.

Flame is held in high esteem due to his ability to lead a solo lane by 100CS (creep score). According to Immortals, they are confident that adding Flame to the roster will be a great asset and a viable pick for their 2017 roster. We are hoping Flame can keep Immortals confident for the next season!

“The original god of top lane, Flame’s experience is unmatched. It’s time for him to burn bright once again.” — Immortals CEO Noah Whinston.

In addition to Flame joining Immortals, they have also confirmed Team Liquid Jungler – “Dardoch” to the roster. We expect more roster news coming from Immortals over the next few weeks.

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