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Immortals (IMT) have acquired a new support: Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung. Over the past few weeks, the teams has been revamping their roster, and Olleh is the last member of Immortals starting lineup. Along with the new support, Cody Sun will be the ADC for the team, Eugene “Pobelter” Park will be returning to the midlane, Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett will be in the jungle, and Lee “Flame” Ho-jong is going to the top lane.

“We built the Immortals roster as one with a solid skill floor and high growth potential. Olleh’s communication skills and diverse experience are vital pieces to helping us reach that peak.” –CEO Noah Whinston

Olleh is an international player, being on teams such as Hong Kong Esports and paiN Gaming. He also attended All-Stars twice, once in 2014 for Brazil and again in 2015 for LMS. On his time with those teams, he’s quickly become the fan-favorite with a bubbly personality that is perfect for the IMT’s organization and line-up.

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