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Intel and ESL support the launch of AnyKey, an organization that hopes to increase awareness about diversity in esports and gaming in general. As stated on their website, their mission statement is “To help create fair and inclusive spaces in esports for women and underrepresented gamers. Provide competitive gamers with resources, support, and opportunities. Highlight positive role-models. Create knowledge and tools to help create more diverse communities and supportive networks.”

“Our current research and initiatives are focused on women in esports — from providing competitive gamers with resources, support, and opportunities, to collaborating with women in the industry, from sectors like game development and broadcasting, to build better gaming spaces. Women have long played an important role in competitive gaming and we are excited to promote, build on, and grow their involvement in the scene.”


IEM/Intel Extreme Masters Tournament


Launching a company with this sort of initiative is a pretty huge statement to the esports world, and the fact that Intel and ESL are openly supporting it definitely hints at upcoming esports tournaments having many more professional women integrated as competitors and general staff members.


TwitchCon2015 Women in Gaming Panel

I encourage you to check out the TwitchCon 2015 Women in Gaming Panel that AnyKey helped organize along with other various projects on their site.


I’m eager to see an awareness-building group like AnyKey partner with more organizations and tournaments in the future to promote more diverse involvement in the esports community. There have been a few female casters, announcers, hosts, and even professional gamers rising in popularity and let’s hope for even more!





Images copyright AnyKey, Twitch, and IEM. Quotes and blockquote are taken from the AnyKey About Page.

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