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Players rejoice! If you live in Europe, you’re in luck because PRL is now hosting 3v3 tournaments for EU! We had an opportunity to talk to the new staff members of the organization, so let us introduce the new tournament moderator division.

Moderator Introductions


One fine day Chrome tried out for the NA caster team but had to set that goal aside because it conflicted with his schooling. He lives in Europe and given the normal start times of PRL tournaments made it too challenging for many EU fans to hold back. That changed when he saw a Reddit post written by Failius looking for staff in a new EU contingent of the organization. Chrome jumped at the chance despite his roots in games like CS:GO, Paragon, and Atlas Reactor. Part of his reason to apply for PRL again is because of the structure and organization of PRL. His inspiration comes from the welcoming atmosphere of the community. In the future, he hopes to work as a caster in esports but in the meantime is expanding his skill set through writing with us at EloTalk.

“I want to develop my skills as a caster, not just for Rocket League but overall. I also want to make the most out of having such a dedicated team to work with, improving my communication abilities and other relevant esports skills.”



As a person who could see the potential of Rocket League as an esport, Mourn1ng began his journey by dedicating his time playing. Since he feels that it doesn’t receive as much recognition as it should, he has hopes that more organizations will pop up. With his immense knowledge of moderation from the old IRC days and fighting game tournaments, he has learned to eliminate conflicts. Once he heard about an EU contingent for PRL, he knew this was the perfect opportunity. Many of the staff have treated the viewers well and they have a stable reputation. His goal is to establish himself in the Esports industry.

“It’s a really fun and simple esport to follow, even for people who aren’t into the game, and I think that it [Rocket League] deserves more recognition.”



After knowing the PRL staff for quite some time because of the main Rocket League Discord, ShadowedCross has always wanted to get involved. He took action, once there was a public announcement for an  EU division. He has behind him eight years of moderation experience and enjoys making chat rooms safe for people to interact. This opportunity fits into the realm of what he wanted, the ability to work with his friends and be part of a great environment. If it wasn’t for the staffs welcoming abilities, he might never have applied. Just to sweeten the deal, Rocket League is a highly competitive game that he has dumped many hours into. The game has also rapidly become a huge esport with the ability to expand. The future with PRL is exciting for him.

“I love the idea of esports for the fact it’s something people can talk about, enjoy and share with each other. As the esports scene and PRL have grown, I’m hoping to grow alongside it, gaining experience I can use later in life.”



PRL is known for running exciting tournaments which led to Zusth’s interest in working with them. His fascination began with the high-quality streams and friendly nature of the staff. But was quickly saddened when the old rendition of the EU division crumbled. Being that he wanted to remain involved in Rocket League, he landed an administrative role with ESL – the largest esports organization in the world. Fast forward to the present, PRL announced applications for the revitalized EU division. Zusth wasn’t going to pass up the chance to be part of the organization. From his experience of earlier streams until now, he believes that PRL is the best tournament organization after Rocket League Central. He plans to apply his knowledge gained from ESL to the tasks within PRL. This esport will go far and he hopes help the legacy.

“I spend lots of my time by playing Rocket League and enjoying the game over any other. That’s why I want to help Rocket League esports to rise as quick as possible.”



Before the launch of PRL as an organization, iBori had the opportunity to play in a test tournament of theirs. After playing a few games with the staff members, PRL offered him a position for their EU division. He immediately felt a sense of community when working with the staff. After they successfully put together their own graphics team, the organization received many compliments. This ranged from their production value to the helpful staff. For him, it felt great to be part of a ground-floor operation with funny and competent people. His inspiration came from GIFs online, which led a successful and immediate purchase. In late 2016 RLCS held a LAN event close to him  in Amsterdam. A few of the staff made it a point to attend the event where many met face to face. In the future, iBori plans to begin coaching players who are below Grand Champion level.

“The first big event I watched was the RLC Pro League and it was just awesome. It had this football feeling that gets you excited easily.”


Jammy Antics

Originally Jammy Antics ran Rocket League competitions for an organization called “Gaming for Adoption” (GFA). As an administrator for GFA, he had close ties to PRL. Due to unfortunate circumstances which led GFA to close operations, PRL staff approached him for the EU division. The opportunity was one that he couldn’t refuse because of his high ambitions to work with another successful team. With PRL’s success, growth, and family atmosphere, he felt that focusing on moderating would be a great opportunity. They always looked ahead, set trends in esports, and has brought the game to new heights. PRL has always stood out from the crowd, a fundamental factor in his immediate decision to join. On top of that, the staff has a variety of roles spanning from graphics, to merchandise creation, to arena modders, etc… Due to all of these things, he wants PRL to make their mark. Jammy’s sights are set on future administrative positions in future.

“Rocket League is really fun and has the potential of overtaking many other esports. The skill level just keeps rising and that’s the beauty of it. Players and teams never stop improving.”



Looking Ahead

The future is bright for PRL as an organization because of the consistency, accessibility to the community, and family atmosphere. The staff never stops reaching to new heights, striving for quality content in every area of presentation. March 18th marks the first revitalized EU 3v3 tournament.

Don’t forget to sign up for the tournament since it’s open to all skill levels! Sign up here and be sure to join the Discord to chat with the new staff!

Also, don’t forget that DropShot will launch on March 22nd so get practicing!

Until next time.


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