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For the first time in the history of PRL, the first LAN event was hosted in San Diego, California, called “LanDiego”.

LanDiego 2017

On the days leading up to LanDiego, the PRL staff scrambled to get things together. Flights were purchased, lodging was secured, and emotions ran high. In the banner for this article, taken by Mitchell “Furtive Raccoon” Morley, there are Psyonix Staff members, managers, casters for PRL, and some godly Rocket League players. Everyone had an amazing time!

There was a brief interview with team Neapolitan, which included members Emiliano “Sizz” Benny, Chris “Dappur” Mendoza, and Matt “Matt” Dixon, before reaching the finals. Sizz summed the feeling of LanDiego the best with his statement:

“It’s pretty awesome actually. I came kinda expecting the event to be a lot smaller. Everyone coming in and greeting you is like a really good environment. Everyone’s excited to be here. It’s really nice.”

Here is the clip of Sizz’s answer quoted above:

The Plays

Here are two amazing shots, no surprise that both were done by the mighty Sizz with assists from his teammates, Dappur and Matt.

Here’s a collection of highlights from different matches:

“Numero Tres”

Swipe to the Left!

“The Dizzle Sizzle”

TI 84

The Star Power

There was quite a showing of prominent Rocket League community members at LanDiego, and these clips say it all:

Psyonix Staff like Josh, Dirkened, Corey and Art!


Surprise Autograph! 

Rizzo Facetime

Final Thoughts

LanDiego was a good time for staff, viewers, and players. People were hyped both in Twitch chat and in person. PRL even made the front page of Twitch which brought in just over 4,000 viewers.

As always, sign ups for PRL’s weekly tournaments can be found on their website. Join their Discord for community connections, and don’t forget to purchase any swag here.

There will be more LAN events so stay tuned to PRL’s twitter for updates!

And here is this clip to mark Rocket League shoutcaster Unthink being the loudest he’s ever been:

Until next time!

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