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Starting off another Spring Split in the NA LCS, we have huge news. NA has now moved to a Best-of-3 format instead of the Best-of-1 it used to run. A BO3-style format allows for more analysis of the teams, seeing what  pocket picks the pros have in their champ pools, and most importantly more LCS. To keep things running smoothly and to not take up time, they’ve also moved to a two stream system and turned the analyst desk into a “Spoiler Zone,” depending on which games you choose to watch.

Along with that, there are 3 new teams joining the NA LCS madness. Pheonix1, Apex, and Team Envy are all entering the fray, clawing at victory for an spot in Worlds.

We kick off the first week of the Summer Split with the Match of the Week, Counter Logic Gaming VS Team SoloMid. As we remember from the 2016 Spring Split Championships, CLG barely clenched the game with a 3-2 Victory over TSM, sending them to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) to represent North America. At MSI, CLG earned 2nd place, losing to SKT Telecom in the finals.

Coming off of MSI and their second split win in a row, CLG seemed confident heading into this match with their rookie ADC, Stixxay. TSM, however, had their own ideas for how the game was going to go.

Starting off Game 1 of the Match of the Week, TSM started picking on Huhi, CLG’s Midlaner, getting multiple picks on his Viktor. This allowed TSM’s phenomenal midlaner, Bjergsen, to get ahead on his scary midlane Zilean. With Doublelift commanding the Rift with his Lucian and an all out assault all game, TSM eventually picked up game 1 with a win at 32:37.

Game 2 was looking like a different story with CLG seemingly getting a lead and winning fights. TSM’s Hauntzer definitely came in clutch that game with an amazing performance on his top lane Ekko, overall leading TSM to a 2-0 Victory over the Spring Split champs.

End of the Week Standings

1st. Immortals – 2-0
Team Envy – 2-0
Team SoloMid – 2-0
Apex – 2-0

5th. Echo Fox – 1-1
Cloud9 – 1-1

7th. Pheonix1 – 0-2
Team Liquid – 0-2
NRG – 0-2
Counter Logic Gaming – 0-2

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