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KonKwon (Kevin)  recently announced that he is quitting his League of Legends career on Thursday, July 7th.

When he first started his League career, Kevin was a part of Team Dragon Knights and he finished his career playing for Apex Pride where he played as their support.

Kevin’s reason for giving up the game professionally comes after Apex Pride’s loss against Dream Team. Had they won the match they would have qualified for the playoffs for the NA Challenger league.

“I think I’m not good enough to be where I want to be.”

When asked what he was intending to play instead of League of Legends, Kevin responded with “nothin.”

Many members of the league community are sad to see Kevin go. However, it looks like it’ll be for the best. If he is doubting his own skill in the professional scene, then playing on unstable ground isn’t the best idea.

KonKwon will be missed from the League scene, but we wish him all the best in his future adventures!


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