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As we lead up to the League of Legends World Finals of 2016, who will reign supreme in Group Stages and make it to Quarterfinals? Which team will surprise viewers and which one will go home early? Who will raise the Summoner’s Cup at the end of the tournament? We’re eager to see how Worlds unfolds this year, and here are some predictions.

Images copyright lolesports.

Images copyright lolesports.

Group A – ROX Tigers, G2 eSports, Counter Logic Gaming, Albus Nox Luna

Rox Tigers Logo

Dominating the LCK Summer Split, Korean Team ROX Tigers look like the fan favorites to lift the cup at the end of Worlds this year. Securing a number one seed by defeating KT Rolster 3:2, ROX may have the easiest path out of the group stage.

G2 eSports Logo

Vacation: this one word will haunt G2 for the rest of their lives as an organization. After failing to get out of group stages at MSI, G2 lost the chance at a number one seed for Worlds. The team came back with a vengeance in the Summer Split, defeating Splyce 3:1 in the finals to punch their ticket to worlds. Can G2 prove they are no longer on vacation and focused solely on victory?

CLG Logo

After the Mid-Season Invitational, CLG looked poised to take the North American Summer split and lead the west to a strong showing at worlds. This was anything but the case. Faltering during the Summer Split, CLG finished 4th, only securing a spot at Worlds due to their championship points from winning the Spring Split. Will a boot camp be enough to fix their issues?

Albus Nox Luna Logo

Knocking off the favorite in a nail-biting 3:2 qualifier, Albus Nox Luna comes in as one of two wildcard teams. A Russian team coming off of their 5th CIS region championship, can ANX make a splash in the group stage?

Predictions – ROX, G2, CLG, ANX

Group B – Flash Wolves, SK Telecom T1, I MAY, Cloud 9

Flash Wolves Logo

LMS’s first seed, “The Korean Killers”, the Flash Wolves. Surprising everyone last year by finishing over a Korean team in the group stages, the Flash Wolves look to be in top form. After winning the LMS Summer finals, can the Flash Wolves carry over the success in a tough group?

SKT T1 Logo

SK Telecom T1 almost missed out on Worlds this year, owing everything to the victory of ROX Tigers over KT Rolster. The champions of the 2015 World Championship, can the 2nd seed from Korea come in and show why they are one of the most storied teams in all of League history?

I may Logo

I MAY started as a Challenger series team under EDG. Winning their way into the LPL Summer Split, I MAY eventually punched their ticket to worlds through the gauntlet, with a daunting 3:2 win over Team WE. Can I MAY show they can run with some of the top teams in the world, or will their Cinderella story run end in the group stages?

Cloud 9 Logo

Finishing second in the Summer Split, Cloud 9 once again makes it to Worlds after winning the gauntlet, defeating Immortals 3:1. Will their top laner make an Impact against his former team, SKT? Will Meteos pull out his pocket jungler Zac? Can the 3rd seed C9 knock off a first or second seed to make it out of groups?

Predictions – SKT, C9, FW, IM


Group C – Edward Gaming, AHQ eSports, H2K Gaming, INTZ eSports

Edward Gaming Logo

Edward Gaming have came into perhaps the easiest group as the number one seed from the LPL. Avenging their loss in the Spring Split, EDG capped off a dominating summer run, defeating RNG in the finals 3:0. Many have EDG or ROX lifting the Summoner’s Cup when all is said and done. Will these predictions come to fruition?

ahq Logo

AHQ comes in as the second seed from Taiwan, narrowly losing a close final to the Flash Wolves 2:3. While both Taiwanese teams look much stronger than last year, AHQ has to knock off either EDG or H2K gaming, both very strong competitors, to make it out of groups. Will the team rise to the challenge?

H2K Logo

H2K gaming secured their spot at Worlds, through circuit points, after finishing third, taking out Unicorns of Love. With Forg1ven in the lineup over Freeze, H2K looks poised to make a deep run in this year’s tournament. Will Forg1ven be able to give this lineup the spark they need?


INTZ eSports, the second wildcard team, rounds out group C. With a 3:2 victory over Dark Passage in the qualifiers, this young team secured their spot at Worlds. Will this underdog team from Brazil run with some of the best, or will they fizzle out and be left in the dust?

Predictions – EDG, H2K, AHQ, INTZ


Group D – Team SoloMid, Royal Never Give Up, Samsung Galaxy, Splyce

TSM Logo

The West’s number one hope, North America’s first seed, Team SoloMid is in this group. With a commanding Summer Split, finishing 17-1, and defeating Cloud 9 in the finals 3:1, TSM looks like a dark horse in this tournament. Many believe this is the best iteration of TSM in years. Will they live up to the hype and escape the group of death?


On the other hand, this looks like the weakest showing of RNG. Falling to EDG in the Summer Finals 0:3, RNG made it as the second seed due to championship points. Will the likes of Uzi and Looper be enough to carry this team out of groups, or will they fall in what many describe as the toughest group at worlds

Samsung Galaxy Logo

Although the 3rd seed out of Korea, Samsung Galaxy is not a team to take lightly. After a complete overhaul of their roster at the start of the 2016 season, SSG was able to overcome a deep gauntlet run and book their ticket to worlds. Will this team be able to live up to their former glory?

Splyce Logo

Rounding out the final group is Europe’s 3rd seed Splyce. Facing relegation in the spring, Splyce was able to defeat Giants Gaming 3:2 to remain in the LCS. Although placing second in the Summer Split to G2, Splyce had to run the gauntlet due to championship points. Winning their one and only game against UOL 3:2 secured Splyce their first Worlds visit. Facing possibly the strongest group at Worlds, what kind of showing will this team produce?

Predictions – TSM, SSG, RNG, SPY

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