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As a farewell to 2016, EloTalk wanted to shine a light on one of our partners, Pro Rivalry League or PRL. This organization has risen up from the ashes, appearing on the map in April and set the bar for small community tournaments. Today it boasts a decent sized viewership and is well known among fans of Rocket League. Let’s recap the year for the organization.

Pro Rivalry League in the Beginning

With the advent of games like Rocket League and Overwatch, both requiring a fair amount of skill at high levels of competition, PRL was born from the minds of great people. In April, the community was officially launched, acquiring staff members and created its own system. By the time July came about, PRL gained traction with their tournaments.

Staff members who have been part of the organization since the beginning include a number of people. However, the true masterminds are Scheist, Pure, and Duvi. It was then carried forward by people like Xenos, Quent, Gloryforge, Strangest, Dadi, and Chim. Roles were assigned in Discord by a PRL staff member, Cosmo and are now equally integral to the success of PRL. That said, there are many that should be credited but in the spirit of brevity, they can’t all be listed here.

PRL Highlights of 2016

Throughout the year there have been some fantastic noteworthy moments. Below is a collection of clips from streams over the course of 2016.

July 8th – One of the First Tourneys for PRL:

July 26th – “The Epic Airhorn”:

August 26th – Twitch Subscription Acquired:

At the end of 2016, the United States elections occurred. Being that it was the biggest decision of the year, PRL creatively slipped in political importance through Rocket League:

In November, Battlerite was released. Immediately PRL picked it up, hosting one tournament each week:


PRL Today

At the start of 2017, PRL consists of about 50 staff members in categories like Managers, Moderators, Graphics, Tournament Support, and Public Relations. Others include Operations, Casters, and Developers. Staff in these categories have the unbelievable drive to keep Rocket League alive and strive for greatness.

The tournaments allow players of all skill levels to participate giving accessibility to a wide audience. When the final holiday season hit, PRL teamed up with Black Caiman, a host known for Xbox exclusive tournaments. They also teamed up with Bragging Rights which cast casual Rocket League tournaments on Saturdays.

PRL has come a long way from its grassroots beginning to a full-fledged organization running four tournaments a week. Today it has over 2000 followers on twitter and discord! All of this couldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff.


PRL in the Future

The community of people that make PRL possible require a variety of things to continue running. Any support given helps Rocket League thrive as the bread and butter of the organization. They continue hosting fantastic tournaments each week and look for things to improve upon. The discord server has many staff interactions with the community. Also, a large group of people ensure that it is a safe place to interact, trade, and look for groups.

Pure had this to say about the organization when asked about the motives behind the creation of PRL:


Moving forward, Pro Rivalry strives to continually produce amazing content by bettering themselves each week and maintain a great community of players. Expect many great things to come because the sky is the limit!

Until next time.

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