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Last December EloTalk wrote about Pro Rivalry League, now rebranded to Rival Esports, covering everything from the beginning of the organization to the end of the year. This year, EloTalk looks back at Rocket League over the course of 2017.

Summary of Changes and Additions to Rocket League

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 3 kicked off the year in March prompting Psyonix to release new cars, decals, wheels, and toppers. Included in the patch were bug fixes and the ability to support 4k rendering on the PS4 Pro. New maps like Dropshot, Champions Field, and standardization of Wasteland and Starbase Arc, released later.

Officially licensed Fast and Furious cars, as well as the Lamborghini inspired Endo, launched. Then Psyonix partnered with Monstercat to provide more music. Changes were made to the trade-in system and new crates, engine sounds, and goal explosions were added.

Season 4 of RLCS began at the beginning of July. A new user interface launched overhauling the find match window by separating games into casual and competitive playlists.

Psyonix also included transparent goal posts. Then Rocket League officially launched on the Nintendo Switch at the end of the year. Finally, clearly visible options for muting or reporting players due to toxic behavior were added.

In late 2017, Psyonix released a preview of the new in-game tournament system, event system, LAN matches, and a new director spectator mode. Though, only the director’s mode has been released in the game.

Competitive Rocket League in 2017

Controversies: Denial Esports and Fibeon Esports

During the year, a couple controversies came to light. Accusations of withholding salaries from players took Denial Esports and Fibeon Esports down. The outrage against the team owners was strong, especially after both teams performed extremely well in tournaments.

Each instance was hard-hitting especially since the controversies happened in rapid succession. Denial Esports disbanded September of 2017. Then, Fibeon Esports disbanded in November. EloTalk covered the Fibeon controversy in an article discussing options to improve the Rocket League community.

Community Spotlights and Sponsorships

Rival Esports (formerly Pro Rivalry League) launched a showmatch series called “Rival Week” where the best professional Rocket League teams played three sets of best of seven matches. The success of the production may have influenced their spot as one of four community organizations to host the RLCS qualifiers. Other host organizations were Shift Pro League, Nexus Gaming, and Minor League Doubles. Each organization has unique formats for Rocket League tournaments which may have contributed to their hosting opportunities.

Rival Week II, sponsored by Psyonix, began not long after the qualifiers ended. Then Rival Esports earned the opportunity to run production of RLRS, though, Psyonix and Twitch operated the event.

In November, PRL rebranded to Rival Esports as a final decision supported by Murty “Scheist” Shah before he left the organization he founded. A new opportunity with Psyonix presented itself and he began his new position in December of this year.

Major Tournaments in 2017

This year brought a number of major tournaments including Dreamhack Summer, Dreamhack Atlanta, NBC’s Universal Open, Gfinity, RLCS Season 4, and ELEAGUE.

The winners of each tournament this past year were:

  • Dreamhack Summer (located in Sweden) – Flipsid3 Tactics
  • Dreamhack Atlanta – The Muffin Men (now known as Cloud9)
  • NBC Universal Open – Gale Force Esports
  • RLCS Season 4 Championship – Gale Force Esports
  • ELEAGUE – G2
  • Gfinity – Reason Gaming

Wrapping the Year Up with a Bow

The year of 2017 brought a lot of rewards to Rocket League like Psyonix sponsored events, multiple tournaments, exposure for community organizations, and more! Though, the new year is sure to bring more exciting changes to Rocket League. Keep an eye on Twitter for future updates!

Don’t forget to join us in Discord to discuss the best changes to Rocket League.

Until then, Happy Holidays from all of us at EloTalk.

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