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The Montréal Pokémon League Pokémon League (MPL) started in 2014 during Otakuthon and they have been actively aiming to bring the world of Pokémon to a new level in Quebec ever since. The group allows trainers to battle their Gym Leaders via 3DS/2DS during events or with the program they call Montreal GymNav. This feature simply announces to followers where they can meet the leaders outside of events to get a chance to battle. After defeating at least 8 of the Gym Leaders, participants get their chance to compete against the Elite Four and the League’s Champion to appear on the Hall of Fame. Artists have also designed custom pin badges that players can collect as proofs of their victories on their journey. The only requirements are to own a 3DS/2DS and one of the most recent games starting with X and Y. Recently, they also started hosting Sanctioned VGC tournaments and their second one happened last week at Butin des Trois Rois.

Sanctioned VGC Tournament
winners of montreal pkm league

The four finalists of the second VGC tournament (left to right): Kevin Tran (1st place), Mathieu Langlois (2nd), Anubhav “Bhav” Biswas (4th), Marc-Olivier Do (3rd)

The VGC tournament at Butin des Trois Rois on St-Catherine was an exciting event. The players were required to have a Pokemon Trainer club account and got the chance to win official Play! Points used to qualify for high-level events such as the National Championships. The top three winners also got additional prizes from the MPL. The winner was Kevin Tran and he left with not only Play! Points, but also a gift card to buy from Butin des Trois Rois. The other finalist got a Charizard Amiibo and a 20th Anniversary Mew figurine in a Great Ball. This was the second event of its kind for the MPL and they will be planning more in the future. The next tournament will be on April 16th and they are asking the community to tell them what they want to see next! They will be taking a break from Sanctioned VGC next month and focus on bringing the most requested format. They are already considering a Smogon NU (Never Used) tournament due to the demand. They are already holding free-play and League plays events every Tuesday at the same locations. Trainers get the chance to battle Leaders, hang out, play with their 3DS games or the TCG and get the chance to win some loot from giveaways. Players who attend League plays also receive 1 Play! Point. For more information on Play! Points and qualifications for Pokemon VGC World Championships, the MPL wrote a very informative guide to help their trainers!

montreal pkmn league

Season 2 and TCG

The Montréal Pokémon League announced that they will be increasing their format to include the Trading Card Game. It will include their own Victory Road Badges to earn and they will also be launching Season 2 of Video Game (VG) League. The new season will have new badges and a fresh rotation of Gym Leaders. Before Season 1 ends, they are now calling all of the trainers have not yet battled in the Elite Four (E4) to participate in the last E4 Expo of this turn. In order to battle in the E4, players need to own at least 8 of the badges. It is also the last chance to earn this season’s badges before they are retired. You can visit their official Facebook page to be notified as soon as possible for future changes and share with the team what you are interested in participating and how many badges you have earned so far!
montreal pokemon league badges
The Montréal Pokémon League has been growing very fast and is getting the attention of many trainers in the province! If you are in Quebec (Canada) and can make the trip to Montreal, it is definitely an event worth checking out. The leaders are at ease with both French and English, their events are always very friendly, and you will meet like-minded people who share a love for the Pokémon franchise. They encourage you to visit and have a great time!
For all the details, events, and more, you can check out their FacebookWebsite or Twitter!

 All photos were provided by Montréal Pokémon League. Those and the illustrations are all copyrights of Montréal Pokémon League.
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