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Mr. Lz, the world’s best Project M Mr. Game and Watch main, received a life-saving heart surgery with financial help from the Smash community. After coming out of surgery,  it was noted that there would be a $3,500 deductible before insurance. A GoFundMe page was instantly created and broke the goal within an hour. Another hour later, and the page has collected almost $7,000. Double what was necessary.

Smash player, Hungrybox, has been keeping the world updated on Mr. Lz’s situation. His entire aorta was replaced just in time. As his mom had stated in the texts above, he’ll just need to be careful later on and to avoid skydiving.

At only 15 years old, Mr. Lz is a prodigal Smash player (he won the Paragon Los Angeles 2015 Project M tournament at age 13)  surrounded by many loving people. The dedication the Smash community has for their fellow players is astonishing, and the way a gaming community should be. It’s great news knowing that Mr. Lz will recover and get back to doing what he loves. A huge thank you to the Smash community for being so supportive and kind hearted.

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