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The NBA has announced its plans to team up with video game publisher Take-Two Interactive to launch a competitive esports league mirroring the real basketball seasons, starting in 2018.

NBA 2K eLeague

Aptly named the NBA 2K eLeague, the new league would start next year with some teams picked to play from the outset. The NBA has confirmed it would like all 30 teams to have an esports division in the future. Also, players would receive salaries for representing their team on a different stage and would play with created avatars rather than NBA player avatars.

As a matter of fact, other sports have seen similar developments such as United Kingdom’s Premier League football clubs, West Ham and Manchester City. These teams signed competitive FIFA players in 2016. Premier League hired Sean Allen to represent West Ham at tournaments and meetups.

Esports in the Future

In fact, esports and sports have become increasingly intertwined over the last few years. Major tournaments like The International 2016 (a Dota 2 tournament) garnered a prize pool of more than $20 million. After all, more organizations are cozying up to the idea of competing in esports. This creates new opportunities for fans and players across the world.

Not to mention, Electronic Sports League (ESL) tournaments and third-party events will surely boom in the future. The year 2018 promises to be a good year for esports!
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