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A shift in the NRG team roster was announced today, which is coming in the expected time of roster changes before the LoL Summer Split. Team NRG has acquired three new members on their League of Legends team, all of whom are familiar faces and returning players to the NA LCS.

Previously, KiWiKid was support on Team Dignitas, Quas was on Team Liquid, and Santorin was a free agent. Their previous top laner, Impact, has joined Cloud 9 and they are retaining their mid laner, GBM.

There have also been hints at Imaqtpie joining their team, but nothing has been officially announced from NRG yet. After he left Team Dignitas in October 2014, he’s be streaming full time as a free agent.

Imaqtpie NRG

Taken from Imaqtpie’s Twitch stream as of April 26.

As fans of Team Dignitas can attest, imaqtpie and KiWiKiD know how to have fun in the bot lane.




We’re looking forward to see how Team NRG will do with this new team lineup of veterans and unique characteristic personalities. Team Dignitas won 5th place at the 2014 NA LCS Spring Playoffs with KiWiKid and Imaqtpie on the roster — perhaps this is their second chance to make an impact on the LCS and perhaps even make it to Worlds.


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