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As the always evolving Rocket League scene continues to grow and shift, the latest breaking news doesn’t come as a surprise: former team Kings of Urban has reformed under the new name of NRG eSports.

Almost a month after displaying their new logo and branding for their Rocket League team, Kings of Urban, tweeted a subtle announcement that sent some vibrations through the Rocket League community.

Now, NRG eSports announced they have acquired Kais Zehri – ‘SadJunior’, Jayson Nunez – ‘Fireburner_’, and Jacob McDowell – ‘RL_Jacob’, the crew formerly known as Kings of Urban.

NRG eSports is an esports organization based out of California. Lead by the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team, co-founders; Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov are here to “set precedence in the industry of eSports”. With a full roster for League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Smite, and now Rocket League players, NRG eSports continues to expand and branch out into new spaces.

Speaking of rosters, NRG eSports has one key investor and advisor who has a love for Rocket League, Shaquille O’Neal, who has recently expressed excitement for the newly formed RL team.

The new NRG eSports Rocket League team was previously known for keeping up a good fight in Season 1 of the Rocket League Championship Series , so we’re sure they will continue to do so!

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