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ProRivalry once again hosted an exciting tournament on October 6th. While this tournament was longer in length, the semi-finals and the finals were action packed! This is the recap of the 1v1 tournament.

Due to some minor complications, only the quarter-final matches and those following were streamed. This will not be a regular routine, so next week at 7pm EDT all of the brackets will be streamed.

Semi Finals

The semi-finals began with Obstruct Physics’ Kageinator versus PreM, and Precision Z’s Kaydop versus Ikewolf. Kageinator took the match with a 7 – 4 victory, then won in game two with a score of 10 – 4.

The second semi-final match had Kaydop facing off against Ikewolf. Winning the first round with an epic score of 10 goals to 1,  Ikewolf aerialed their way into victory. Kaydop brought the pressure back in game two, winning with a 5 goal win, tying up the series. The tie breaker match ended with a monstrous victory for Kaydop at 10 goals to 5, allowing them to advance.


This left the finalists Kageinator and Kaydop to face off for the tournament win. Game one was neck in neck as Kaydop would score and Kageinator would counter with their own goal. This went on until the score was 5 – 5. Within the last minute, Kaydop defeated Kageinator with 7 goals to 5. In game two, the winning goal was scored in overtime, resulting in an 8 – 7 victory for Kaydop. Game three was the final one of the night, and it was back and forth until goal 4. Kaydop finally let loose and took the game with a score of 7 to 4, claiming the prize pool.


Congratulations to Precision Z’s Kaydop for the well-deserved win. Hopefully, next week will be filled with just as much action-packed gameplay. 

Don’t forget to sign up on the site for next weeks 2v2, 3v3, or 1v1 tournament!



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