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The month of May was quite the journey for the Rocket League community. These past few weekends have shown enough proof that Rocket League has every quality to be a major part of the esports community and this weekends Online Final solidified that.
The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) has launched Rocket League into being one of the most exciting esports to watch. The proof lies in the number of viewers RL’s Twitch channel saw on Saturday, May 21st. Especially the iBPCosmic & Kings of Urban game, with a whopping 20,000 viewers at one point. RL has evolved and it’s growing bigger.
This weekend we saw some changes to both North American and European team rosters. Luckily, these changes didn’t affect much during the games but took effect after the Online Final matches. We’ll see what happens during the Qualifier 2 coming in June. See dates below.
Saturday May 21st NA teams – iBPCosmic being #1 who won the series to Kings of Urban #2, 4-2. The famous tweet that has made it’s way around Twitter shows what the excitement was all about.
Sunday May 22nd EU Teams – #1 We Dem Girlz against the #2 team FlipSid3 Tactics won the series at 4-2.
With the RLCS  players and viewers growing, Rocket League organizers and community members are taking actions and steps to make the entire experience a more manageable one. Players will be able to take longer breaks and the Open Qualifier will now span across two weekends instead of one. You can read more about the Q2 changes here!
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