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PAC-12, the conference of 12 collegiate Western teams, announced that they will be adapting competitive gaming into their agenda.

…the presidents and chancellors approved Pac-12 Networks to commence eSports competitions with Pac-12 universities this upcoming year. Teams from campuses will participate based on a specific game, and the competitions will include head-to-head matchups in studios as well as a tournament in conjunction with a Pac-12 championship event. The game titles and event formats are still to be determined, but will be announced in the coming months.

The “Conference of Champions” encompassing esports in their tournaments is a huge step for competitive gaming, as it’s the first large-scale sports conference to do so.

eSports is also closely tied to academic departments at Pac-12 universities such as computer science, visual and cinematic arts, engineering and others.

Tying the academics to competitive gaming also brings a greater understanding to the industry and will help bring more awareness and understanding to esports.

Collegiate esports are currently ran by Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment through uLoL and Heroes of the Dorm as well as separately though NCESPA, TESPA, and Collegiate StarLeague.

With this newest announcement, each of the colleges in PAC-12 could sponsor esports teams in the coming years.

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