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On December 14th, the group stages of the Paragon Challenger Series (PCS) will commence, featuring 3 teams in each group.


Group A

Group A promises to be a royal rumble, with teams Carbon eSports, The Bro Down, and Synergy duking it out in the first round. Team Carbon eSports have been veterans of the scene for some time, even starting their own Paragon academy to help train both amateur and expert players to form a better competitive scene. Team Synergy features some of the strongest players from Russia, many of whom competed in the Russian LAN event and emerged champions. The Bro Down stars familiar competitive faces in what seems to be 1 of the 3 all star teams in the PCS. Whatever the outcome, it should be a thriller to watch over on the PCS Twitch channel (also available in Russian and French)!


Group B

Group B will set teams Oxygen eSports and NEXUS against each other in the second stage of the competition. Much like Carbon eSports, team Oxygen eSports are regulars in the Paragon competitive scene, and always have a strong showing in other community cups. NEXUS is a team that hosts to a variety of top tier players, pulling top supports and laners from teams that disbanded, filling their roster with another set of all star names.

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, team Triggered Saltminers has decided to withdraw, and as such a new team will be found to replace them in the group stages.

The Matches

Games will be played starting on the 14th of December. With the new Monolith map, all group play should be over and done with on the same day, leaving the 17th free for the playoffs and finals! The PCS promises an exciting line up for a growing prize pool , so viewers can’t wait until the tournament begins.

Watch the action unfold on December 14th on Twitch!


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