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With the Paragon Challenger Series (PCS) starting on December 14th, we asked 5 team captains a few questions about themselves and what they think the future holds in the PCS. Unfortunately, the Triggered Saltminers were unable to comment, as they have formally withdrawn from the PCS. For more information on the PCS, check out other articles here and here.


Group A

The Bro Down

Started by two long time friends, The Bro Down stars a set of players that synergize fantastically, with an overall goal to progress further in the competitive scene. Team captain iFairless shared his ideas about the PCS and his team’s future.

The Bro Down

Q: How did you guys form as a team?

iFairless (iF): Mr WacCo and myself (iFairless) have been friends for years and have been in the same team before. In solo queue, we met Detroy, Gem, and Yngola and had some good synergy with them, so we tried a few games with them and we became friends and bros. After a while we decided to make a team together and perform in the competitive scene.

Q: What does the PCS mean to you?

iF: The PCS is going to be an awesome European tournament. Some parts that we really like are:

  • Bracket – Group stages, you are guaranteed to play a couple of matches in the group stage, so its not based on one bad/good performance.
  • Highly competitive, which results in more players actively looking to improve themselves and consequently improve the game as well.
  • Opportunity for new teams to show themselves and let people show that everyone with good motivation, skill and team play can make it to the competitive scene
  • The professional organization website – I heard that there is a team of 10 people behind this organization, and it seems like they have the knowledge about what they are doing. Also the website looks amazing!

Q: What are your plans for the future with Monolith?

iF: Our plans for the future is to stay a competitive team. We don’t have any special plans YET for Monolith specifically. The most important part for us is to learn the new map, devise new strategies and of course enjoy Paragon, an awesome game.

Team Carbon

Another titan of the Paragon competitive scene, Carbon eSports was originally formed after a second team split from Oxygen eSports and formed their own identity – the Carbon academy. Captain Yo_im_Mikey was happy to share his team’s story with us.

Team Carbon eSportsQ: How did you guys form as a team?

Yo_im_Mikey (YiM): I’ve been trying to find a solid team that are all dedicated to become the best. Right now, I feel like I finally have that team.

YiM: I started off with Rustrus in Team Abusement Park before i even started to play for Carbon. When Rustrus (who was previously in Carbon before) told me about Carbon, we had some talks with the founder of the academy; Bloodmordius. After those talks we replaced the previous Carbon lineup . But not everything was going smooth. Me and Rustrus later  formed a team with Nerfmundo and Klinghoffer (currently in team NEXUS) but that didn’t work out. Narendur, Undeadpilot and SGT Floppy (currently team NEXUS) all joined Carbon shortly after. Things were going great and we did pretty well. Narendur was later replaced by PoChapa. Which after all, really worked well for the team. PoChapa’s aggression fits perfectly with Undead’s play style, and in my opinion, they were probably the strongest duo-lane in Legacy. After a couple months I got to know AceofSpades, who turned out to be exactly what we needed. SGT Floppy, our jungle at the time, was a better mechanical player than AceofSpades, but the fact that we wanted to play more aggressively, and AceofSpades showed this potential in almost all the games we’ve tried out, led to our decision to pick up AceofSpades for the team, rounding out the roster. We have since picked up shadoN as PoChapa was released from the team.

Long story, but I hope it’ll be worth it if we ever get a sustainable esports scene in Paragon!

Q: What are your plans for the future with Monolith being introduced?

YiM: We’re not gonna slack around anymore. We are trying to get scrimmages everyday and if we don’t, we either start analyzing, or we practice in public matches.

Q: What does the PCS mean to you?

YiM: Having a true EU tournament is amazing, although having multiple people on the team who are heavily being bottle necked by ping (latency issues) is a pain. I also hope more Russian teams will now start playing on open PCS weeks since they often struggle to play competitively on NA due to connection issues.

Social – Team Carbon on Twitter


The Russian powerhouse team that won the Igromir LAN event in Moscow, Synergy is a scary force to be reckoned with. Not to be underestimated, this is a team who can turn on a dime and get the ball rolling in their favour off the back of one tactical elimination. Community manager NickEagle helped share his team’s story.


Q: How did you guys form as a team?

NickEagle (NE): At the beginning, Morterion and Clearcast had a team, mainly so that they could play for fun. I (NickEagle) called for a replacement when one member left. After our trials, Oblepixa stood out against other players from our test runs. In the early part of autumn we noticed Mrahc who played incredibly well. At this point we had a team of dependable competitive players, who I believe can go on to win future tournaments, that’s our hope and commitment to our fans and viewers.

Q: What does the PCS mean to you?

NE: We already participated several times in the Agora Rising tournaments, but being heavily restrained by ping, this wasn’t enough for us. The news that there will be new league in Europe both pleases and excites us. When we saw the organization’s approach to the league, doubt about the fact that it would be cool anymore.It is quite a big step for the development of esports in Paragon and a good opportunity for us, as participants.

Q: What are your plans for the future with Monolith?

NE: Monolith offers the possibility for more tactics than Legacy and we all need to learn. We plan to train and become better with each game, so we can show off our true potential at all future Paragon tournaments.

Q: Any words for fans/audience?

NE: From Russia with love. ❤

Group B

Team Oxygen eSports

Team Oxygen eSports has been a staple of the competitive scene, forming during the very early stages of Paragon’s development. Team member LaytoN was happy to tell us a little more about the behemoths behind the masks.

Team Oxygen eSportsQ: How did you guys form as a team?

Layton (L): In the beginning, MartyRivia and Solo Nazgul were looking for additional EU players to form a team with. Eventually, they picked up LaytoN and Tokflyt from a thread on the official Paragon forums. After a few months of tournaments, scrims, ups and downs, LaytoN, MartyRivia and Tokflyt decided it was in their interest to move on and team up with the well known iCameron. Only missing a solo-laner, Team Oxygen picked up BeCertified to complete their roster, and have been together since the beginning of July 2016.

Q: What does the PCS mean to you?

L: For a long time the only dedicated tournament we were able to play in was Agoras Rising. While it was a good opportunity, it was a North American run event, and was sometimes unreliable when it came to EU tournaments with latency issues and the like. The PCS has provided us with a platform where we can play on a bi-weekly basis. It’ll not only benefit us, but it will assist in nurturing Paragons budding eSports scene in ways which we have not seen before.

Q: What are your plans for the future with Monolith?

L: We plan to play our absolute best, and dominate the EU scene for as long as we possibly can. Making a few friends along the way, of course.

Q: Any words for your fans?

L: Thank you to everybody who tunes into our streams consistently, to the people who root for us, and to those who have helped us on our journey. We appreciate the support more than you know. A big thank you to Baylix, Managing Director of Team Oxygen, the amount of work he puts into Team Oxygen and the PCS is insane!

Social – Team Oxygen on Twitter


NEXUS has been a team taking part in a variety of smaller events until now, building themselves up a strong reputation. With high-ranked players, NEXUS definitely looks like a team to keep an eye on during the group stages. Team member SGT Floppy  gives us his team’s story and hopes for the future both in and out of the PCS.


Q: How did you guys form as a team?

SGT Floppy (SGT): Klinghoffer, Snaert and NerfMundo have played together when they originally formed the first team Roster of Carbon. These three have stuck together throughout Paragon and have only recently filled their new team roster of Team Nexus with the additions of SGT Floppy, Hudzie and itsAray in order to solidify their ranks.

Q: What does the PCS mean to you?

SGT: The PCS is going to be the first big European tournament. We really like many of the different elements of the PCS, most notably – the group stages, you are guaranteed to play a couple of matches in the group stage, so it’s not based on one bad or good performance. It’s highly competitive, which results in more players actively looking to improve themselves and consequently improve the game as well. Opportunity for new teams to show themselves this will allow more teams to enter the scene and will help it grow and expand. The professional organization the way they have gone about things e.g. the videos, the fantastic website and all the hype they have prepared has helped this tournament flourish.

Q: What are your plans with Monolith?

SGT: Our plans for Monolith consist of continuing to improve as a team, working on new ideas and strategies and becoming a well-known name within the competitive scene.We believe we really can go the distance to become great within Paragon.

That’s all for our Meet the Teams round up, we will be back soon after the group stages take place on the 14th December, you can catch all the action live over on the PCS Twitch channel (as well as their French and Russian counterparts powered by Paragon-GB and Paragon-France).

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games. To try it for yourself, go to their website and download it for free! Make sure to follow the official Paragon blogs and stay tuned for more articles here on EloTalk!


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