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With the group stages rounding out to a close, let’s take a look back at the day’s action from the Paragon Challenger Series (PCS) invitational tournament.

Remember to check out all the action on Saturday on the PCS Twitch channel!

Group A

Synergy vs The Bro Down

A tense game from the outset, game 1 of the groups was Synergy versus TBD in a best of 1 series. Although Synergy had the game in control from almost the outset, TBD made many valiant attempts to upset the balance of power, some almost succeeding. The highlight of the game had to be NickEagle’s fantastic solo play versus 4 members of TBD, managing to prevent a successful Orb Prime capture and leading his team on to victory.

Synergy vs Carbon EU

The longest game of the group stages, Synergy faced off against Carbon EU in game 2 of group A. Both teams looked incredibly strong, both able to secure isolated targets efficiently, the game was in any team’s hands.

However, sadly for Carbon EU it wasn’t to be, with Synergy taking the win after 51 long hard minutes. A very well fought game from both teams, only hinting at the competitive potential yet to come. An Orb Prime take into a clean mid-lane is what secured the victory in the end for team Synergy.

Carbon EU vs The Bro Down 

Another game that hung in the balance, Carbon EU versus The Bro Down squared up to round out the group A games. A gruelling 37 minutes however was enough for Carbon EU to pull it together and take the win over TBD. Sadly, this means that TBD is pushed out of the ranks, leaving Carbon EU and Synergy to progress to the finals, but once again –  a tough bracket for TBD which was hard fought. Well played to all of group A!

Group B

Team America vs NEXUS

Team America bravely stepped into the fray after the Triggered Saltminers announced their withdrawal from the invitational, and with gusto they tackled team NEXUS. While the game may have ended up fairly one sided in the favour of much more experienced team NEXUS, Team America kept their heads held high and did their best to take the small victories as they came, unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to keep NEXUS at bay.

Very well played to both and hats off to Team America, not only for putting up a fight as a newly formed team but for being able to take up the place of the Triggered Saltminers at very short notice. Good game all around!

Team America vs Oxygen eSports

Once more into the breach for Team America going up against Oxygen eSports in game 2 of group B. Team Oxygen eSports have dominated the EU scene for a fair while and despite the best efforts of Team America, the boys behind the masks looked composed and ready for the challenges ahead. Oxygen eSports did take the series with a clean win, sealing Team America’s fate, unfortunately leaving them unable to qualify. Well played to both teams!

Oxygen eSports vs NEXUS

With Team America having already lost 2 games, both Oxygen eSports and team NEXUS were guaranteed to qualify, the only thing left to decide was which team gets the top seed for the semi-finals.

37 minutes was enough for Oxygen to clinch the victory over team NEXUS, leaving Oxygen eSports as the group B winner going into Saturday’s finals.

Once again, very well played to all teams that took part and from us at EloTalk, we wish the teams the best of luck for the Saturday finals! Match updates and more will be posted both on the PCS website and Twitter account during Saturday so make sure to stay up to date with those, as well as our recaps here on EloTalk!

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games. To try it for yourself, go to their website and download it for free! Make sure to follow the official Paragon blogs and stay tuned for more articles here on EloTalk!

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