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The Paragon Challenger Series (PCS) has completed its inaugural event – the invitational tournament featuring some of the top Paragon teams from Europe and beyond. With the last matches of the first series finished, let’s take a look back over the PCS playoffs.

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After the grueling group stages, 4 teams qualified to compete in the semi-finals, teams NEXUS, Carbon eSports, Team Synergy and Oxygen eSports. Competing for a prize pool of $650, a lot was at stake for all teams. First up in the round of 4, Synergy faced NEXUS and Oxygen eSports went up against Carbon eSports in best of 3 series to determine who goes through to the all important final.

Playoffs Recap


Synergy versus NEXUS

Fighting through a barrage of technical issues. Synergy and NEXUS were at last able to play, commencing their set of semi-finals. Game 1 was a fairly one-sided affair, Team Synergy sticking with their more passive play style that they utilized back during the group stages. However, NEXUS rose to the occasion, stomping on the accelerator and flooring it, with hyper-aggressive engagements and team fights, locking members of Synergy down and closing them out. Orb Prime was a hot topic, but neither team secured the buff, only using it as a ploy to try and bait a team fight, NEXUS actually succeeding with this tactic and securing a clean couple of kills.  A shorter game than most, NEXUS did eventually take game 1 of the series with a completed Orb Prime kill into a core take-down.


Game 2  was a slightly different beast, with Synergy cranking things up a notch to combat NEXUS’ aggression, but NEXUS were absolutely relentless, hounding down key targets. Synergy to their credit did look much more composed but unfortunately for them, team NEXUS was merciless in their onslaught, closing the series out 2-0 in favor of team NEXUS with another Orb Prime take resulting in Synergy’s core being destroyed.


Oxygen eSports versus Carbon eSports

In a battle of the elements, Oxygen eSports faced off against Carbon eSports, 2 titans of Paragon’s competitive scene. Game 1 was a long hard march, with both teams managing to pick up double kills, triple kills but neither able to close out until Carbon eSports started rolling out the kills and building a lead, starting the snowball that Oxygen eSports just couldn’t contain. Carbon eSports took game 1 after 44 minutes without the Orb Prime buff by their side.

Game 2 was do or die time for Oxygen eSports, at the risk of losing out on that sweet cash prize. Carbon eSports though, had other plans. With another back and forth nail-biter, Carbon eSports just kept swinging, picking up bounty after bounty with team Oxygen’s defense stretched to its breaking point. Carbon was just too strong this time, Oxygen eSports just weren’t able to keep up, Carbon took the series 2-0 and progressed onto the grand final.



Making it through to the finals, teams NEXUS and Carbon eSports were the last 2 teams left standing for the final best of 3 series for the night. Competing for the lion’s share of the prize pool, both teams had to perform at their best.

Game 1 saw a tremendous back and forth, both teams looking formidable and ready to win. Another longer stretch, both teams traded towers and jungle objectives, keeping it close.

However, NEXUS’ determination payed off, eventually able to secure the core, leaving Carbon 1-0 down in the first game of the series. NEXUS were able to set up an inordinate amount of ultimate combinations, shutting down Carbon’s less durable targets with relative ease.

Game 2 on the other hand saw the advantage slip out of the hands of NEXUS and into the loving arms of Carbon eSports. Fighting back from the brink, Carbon was able to swing the balance and bring back game 2, tying the series up and raising the stakes moving into the final match of the PCS finals.

Game 3 of the most intense series so far in the PCS was a spectacle worth watching. With NEXUS and Carbon eSports tied at 1-1, game 3 was the all important match. Both teams grappled for domination, but with a comfortable draft phase, Carbon eSports was more than happy with their heroes and quite rightly so. With fantastic individual plays from UndeadPilot and Bloodmordious as well as incredible team harmony, Carbon was finally able to take home the win, claiming their place as the top team in EU at the end of the first Paragon Challenger series.


Very well played once again to all teams that competed, it wouldn’t be possible without their support as well as the dedicated admin team. The next round of the PCS recommences in early 2017, with the new year come new possibilities not only for the PCS but for Paragon and it’s competitive scene! Keep up to date on the PCS website and Twitter account for all the latest and of course, stay tuned for our coverage here on EloTalk!

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games. To try it for yourself, go to their website and download it for free! Make sure to follow the official Paragon blogs and stay tuned for more articles here on EloTalk!

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