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The Paragon Challenger Series is one of the newest community tournaments to hit the European Paragon competitive scene, with the aim of providing a professional and structured event for new and returning teams.pcs_finalStructure

On Wednesday December 14th, after the release of Monolith, the Paragon Challenger Series (PCS) will start its first round of games with an invitational weekend, featuring 6 top competitive teams from Europe. The 14th commences the group stages of the invitational, with 2 groups of 3 teams facing each other in a round-robin format. Group stage games are best-of-one series, with the winner gaining a point and the loser gaining nothing. At the end of the group stages, the winners and runners up of each group progress to the playoffs on the 17th December – the losers of each group are sadly knocked out. On Saturday Dec. 17th, the winner of group A and the runner up of group B face off, and vice versa – the winner of group B plays group A’s runner up. The semifinals are best-of-three and the winners of each progress to the final, again a best of three series.


Among those competing are top teams like Team Oxygen and Carbon EU , both extremely experienced having been in community tournaments for what feels like forever. However, among these heavy hitters come the dark horses of PCS, teams Synergy and NEXUS, both looking strong as they have built themselves up in other community run events. Of course, there is the maverick team,  The Bro Down, featuring top tier players in an all-star type setting. Team Triggered Saltminers has decided to formally withdraw and will not compete in the PCS, instead a replacement team will play in their place.

Looking To The Future

PCS founder, Chris “Baylix” Bailey has high hopes for the tournament;

“Going forward into the new year we will be taking the tournament public and open to a maximum of 16 teams at a time spanning two weekends of professionally produced tournament action each month.

We hope we continue to grow beyond our already rapid pace and give Europe something they have so desperately wanted since the beginning.

We know EPIC [Epic Games] are watching. We know potential sponsors are watching. The entire Paragon community will be watching and the PCS will not disappoint”.

After the first invitational, the Paragon Challenger Series is hoping to keep going strong with bi-weekly tournaments with community backing on their Matcherino Page (use coupon code “PCS” to add $1 to the prize pool!) and potentially sponsored rewards into the future.

Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games, to try it, go to the website and download for free. Read about Paragon’s latest news here.

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