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In a report from Slingshot, the players have chosen to forego the PEA and participate in the 5th season of the ESL Pro League. The PEA released an open letter acknowledging all the points that were brought up by the players’ letter.

Near the tail end of the letter, PEA stated they were going to have the players decide to participate in either the PEA or the ESL Pro League but can’t participate in both.

In December, the ever evolving story involving PEA and the rights of players has hit its peak. Due to a lack of transparency and communication overall, the PEA gave the assumption that they were going to be an exclusive league.

Players begged to differ. 25 out of the 35 players involved with the PEA went to Scott “SirScoots” Smith and publicly released a letter detailing what they knew, their fears, and what the wanted, causing an immense amount of discussion.

As for the future of the PEA, based on the ultimatum in the letter they released, it is now believed that the PEA will be finding a different game to move to. Seeing as they won’t be able to do anything in the world of CS:GO, we can only speculate what will be next. Will they use their league to support a new esport? Possibly a game that isn’t in the limelight like League of Legends or CS:GO may be more fitting.

The PEA format isn’t as bad as it may seem. However, it show how something like this was conducted, which created problems that were brought to light in the past month. PEA could flourish in another game, especially if they’ve learned from the mistakes they made with CS:GO and it’s respective players. On that note, stay tuned for more esports news on EloTalk.


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