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Pro Rivalry League Branches into New Territory

Pro Rivalry League (PRL) expands into newer and bigger grounds, a battle ground to be exact.

Over the summer EloTalk has had the pleasure of partnering up with the up and coming Pro Rivalry League (PRL). The crew at PRL effortlessly brings a high level of production, play, and experience to their viewers, followers, and players alike in the Rocket League scene. It’s only up from here.

Within the PRL community, members and their staff work incredibly hard together to make PRL a place you want to be and are welcomed (even as an amateur player) to without question. Feel free to hop into their Discord to hang out or quickly head to their Twitch to catch the live action of highly competitive esports action.


Pro Rivalry League has expanded into a new adventure and will be leading the bandwagon of Battlerite tournaments!

Battlerite has gained a major following with it reaching a whopping 200,000 players during their early access just a few weeks ago. Battlerite is a uniquely styled PvP game where players go against each other in either a 2v2 or 3v3 style format where they have 2 minutes to battle it out. The PvP style arena is very similar to the World of Warcraft arena style but follows more of a MOBA camera angle and ability control. The action is quick, fun, and addicting. It’s very easy to get into, but very difficult to master.

PRL will host their very first Battlerite tournament this Saturday at 7pm EDT and will be open to all. It will follow a 2v2 style format in a best of 9 per round where finals will be a best of 3 match up in best of 9 games. PRL will host a prize pool of $50 and ‘4x Molten Warhound’ mount keys (2 keys per team) to the winners. If you think you have what it takes to be a rival, sign up here.

Update from October 11th.

A note from Pro Rivalry League:

“Pro Rivalry League is looking for more staff! PRL is expanding very quickly,and, as a result, they are looking for more volunteers to fill needed roles. Right now, we’re specifically looking for more broadcasters*. However, we are always looking to fill out other positions with active and hard-working folks. Other roles include casters, moderators, graphics, etc.

*Broadcasters: To be considered broadcasters will be working with the PRL Twitch channel and would be in charge of all camerawork, transitions and animations that would appear on stream. Broadcasters would need to have a fast upload speed to make sure the viewers have an optimal viewing experience as well as great computer specs. Additionally, broadcasters will need to have experience with OBS. Broadcasting for PRL is very resource-intensive, so we’re looking for candidates with the latest GPU’s and CPU’s only. If you’re interested, just shoot any of the PRL Managers a message in Discord! You can also fill out this form.”

Keep up with Pro Rivalry League on Twitter for the latest news & updates. Be sure to follow the author, Natalie for more esports news.

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