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The Pro Rivalry League (PRL) has come along in leaps and bounds since its inception. Now, once more the Europeans playing Rocket League can rejoice with the arrival of a PRL EU team. With the new faces come new casters and new moderators, so without further ado, let’s meet the casting team!

X Fijter

With a name like that, our man X couldn’t be from anywhere else other than the good old Netherlands. Rocket League was the game that made esports for X, with its intensity yet passion factor making every game feel like he is right there in the stadium. X also likes Rocket League for its short game duration compared to other games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2. Having organized his own tournaments with friends to gather experience both in moderation and shoutcasting, X got involved with PRL when he saw a passing tweet from Failius (the EU Organizer) and jumped on it. The wild train ride in between brought him here. In his spare time, X likes to make montages on YouTube like this one and hopes to gather valuable experience and make memories with PRL.

“I sometimes catch myself shouting at my monitor like I am in an actual football [soccer] stadium!”


Damascus is our next caster, with a long and admirable history in the fighting games community. He started his shoutcasting career when one of the commentators couldn’t make it to the Cannes Winter Clash (a Street Fighter event), so he jumped at the opportunity. Afterwards, the overwhelming positive feedback he received spurred him on. He now regularly casts Street Fighter V major events and hopes to continue his casting career with PRL. Rocket League hooked him on its sheer fun factor, playing it almost every day he always enjoys a quick match or two. Damascus hopes to maintain the excellent broadcast quality of the PRL streams, allowing him to improve his casting abilities and giving back to the community during his time with PRL.

“Rocket League is probably one of the best, most fun games I’ve ever played. I play it on an almost daily basis and always have a blast.”



ThePaSch is another one of the new casters, having started his career way back during the days of Unreal Tournament 2004. More recently, he has casted League of Legends at UK LANs and moved on to Rocket League. Rocket League has been fantastic for PaSch, casting for the Rocket League Central Pro League and he has been picked up as an official RLCS German broadcaster! PRL was the choice for PaSch due to its roots in community involvement and refusal to succumb to an increasingly profit-centered industry. Looking forward, PaSch hopes to be selected as an international RLCS caster and expand the number of games he commentates on.

“It’s fantastic simplicity, yet still unexplored complexity; and the focus on pure, adulterated competition. There are few other games that place their focus as well as Rocket League.”



A man with more experience than some of us have been alive, Jebro has traveled the world and been around the shoutcasting block. Starting way back in the early days of Guild Wars 2 PvP tournaments, Jebro was quickly picked up by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) to cast events both online and offline. Having been to ESL studios in the UK, Germany and USA, it’s fair to say his career so far has been booming. Rocket League holds a special place in his heart by rekindling the childhood passion Jebro had for football [soccer] in a unique and creative way. Being a “hype man”, he believes that Rocket League is the perfect game for him and has wanted to cast for some time. The fact that Rocket League doesn’t hold all of the strategy that an MMO or MOBA has made it ideal for his passionate “get excited” attitude. Through PRL, Jebro hopes to improve his casting skill by merging his ability to analyze and story-tell on the fly. Follow Jebro on Twitch and YouTube.

“Rocket League almost revitalized this childhood spirit I had for enjoying football [soccer] back home in the UK. That early hype and excitement.”



The mastermind behind the entire EU contingent, Failius has been a pillar of stability in the grand revival of PRL’s European division. Previously the esports Director at Gaming For Adoption, Failius has always had a line of contact with the head honchos at PRL. After Gaming For Adoption announced its final tournament, the PRL management team looked to him to restore their abandoned EU division. Not one of our casters but instead our admin, Failius started his career in administration and moderation on Reddit for several smaller subreddits. These interactions brought him in contact with many new and varied faces and helped him learn the majority of his lessons about online community management. For Failius, Rocket League was a surprise hit, a spur of the moment purchase which gave birth to a level of enthusiasm and dedication that was never expected. PRL was always the place Failius looked up to for quality content and competitive nights, giving back to the community is his number one objective for his work at PRL. You can find Failius on Twitch and Reddit.

“The game has just been getting more and more popular as of late, so that initial trust of mine was certainly not misplaced!”


The Tournaments

The first event from the EU team is coming this Saturday (March 18th) at 3PM GMT so don’t forget to tune into the PRL Twitch channel, follow PRL on Twitter to keep up to date with all the news check out the website for event calendars, giveaways and more!

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