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Pro Rivalry League: Making An Impact on Esports

Launched during the first season of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) earlier this summer, Pro Rivalry League (PRL) is a motivated and determined community focusing on the highest quality production of Rocket League and Overwatch tournaments.
Whether you have dozens of sponsors, or even if you’re just playing a little after work, we want you to join our community and enjoy your favorite games! – PRL


Scheist (Murty) & Duviel (Caleb) came from previous competitive organizations/leagues and joined the community knowing Rocket League had the potential to grow. Based in California, the organization is relatively new to the esports scene, but are already making an impact. What started as a hobby and love for Rocket League, has grown into a core and integral part of the esports community for the game, and has made competing easily accessible for all types of players, regardless of skill level. Everyone from their founders up to their designers and other staff contributed to PRL’s early success.


PRL hosts a number of tournaments that players of any skill level can sign up for on their website.

Making An Impact

PRL has made it their goal and purpose to be a force to be reckoned with. Their focus resides in high quality production, a personal touch, a supportive community open to all types of players and fans.

We want to define a path for players to know where to start and how to eventually become pro. -PRL


They’ve had pro players such as Low5ive, SadJunior, and Espeon cast tournaments so far. Given that these guys were the original pro players that started out with other leagues and in such a short amount of time, PRL getting their cooperation and involvement so quickly shows just how determined they are to change esports.


Looking Forward

PRL’s intention is to grow the Rocket League and Overwatch community. Multiple team members have previously worked in esports, and have taken from these experiences to make their current organization the absolute best possible.
We provide a simple and low-stress platform so that the only thing that players have to focus on is playing the game; the thing they are here to do. -PRL
PRL has revolutionized the production value of Rocket League streams, and focus on setting standards for others to live up to.
Don’t be surprised if one day you walk into a sports bar and see Rocket League on the screen instead of last night’s MLB game. – PRL
PRL focuses on keeping the players and community happy, since they are the force behind the organization. We look forward to seeing big things from them in the future!
EloTalk is excited to have a future partnership with their organization. Follow PRL on Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook to stay updated on all their upcoming events!
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